Mayan horoscope calculator

Calculate your Mayan horoscope symbol you have based on your date of birth. All you have to do is enter the day, month and year you were born in our tool and then press the calculate button to reveal the mystery.

What sign am I in the Mayan horoscope?

Below is a table showing the zodiac symbol that corresponds to you according to your date of birth, so you can see the thirteen signs that make up the Mayan horoscope.

If you look closely, you will see that all the symbols of the Mayan horoscope are intimately related to each other. related to the animal kingdom and are completely different from what we are used to:

Zodiac symbolDate of birth
Lizard (Kibray)December 13 to January 9
Gorilla / Monkey (Batz / Kimil)January 10 to February 6
Falcon (Coz)February 7 to March 6
Jaguar (Balam)March 7 to April 3
Fox / Dog (Fex)April 4 to May 1
Snake (Kan)May 2 to May 29
Squirrel (Tzuv)May 30 to June 26
Turtle (Aak)June 27 to July 25
Bat (Tzootz)July 26 to August 22
Scorpion (Dzec)August 23 to September 19
Deer (Keh)September 20 to October 17
Owl (Moan)October 18 to November 14
Peacock (Kutz)November 15 to December 12

Let us know what sign you got in the comments :)

How your animal is determined in the Mayan horoscope

Mayan Horoscope

To calculate the animal that corresponds to you in the Mayan horoscope according to your date of birth, the following is taken into account Tzol calendar. This calendar consists of 260 days and contains the 13 lunar seals., each of which represents the 13 moons and a different animal.

As a result, we have thirteen months of 20 days each, which solves the mystery of which sign corresponds to us in the Mayan horoscope.

Compatibility with other Mayan horoscope signs

The following is a brief overview of the mayan horoscope sign compatibility with other animals.

As it happens with the signs of the zodiac, the personality of each sign marks certain aspects such as the compatibility with other signs or the existence of a specific lucky number. Let's see what they are in each case:

  • Lizard: its lucky number is 6 and it is compatible with Scorpion, Jaguar and Tortoise.
  • Monkey: Its special number is 7 and it is compatible with the snake and the peacock.
  • Falcon: In this case, the lucky number is 8 and it has full compatibility with the owl, the snake and the squirrel.
  • Jaguar: His favorite number is 9 and shows compatibility with the peacock, the bat and the turtle.
  • Fox: With 10 as a special number, the fox is compatible with the lizard and the scorpion.
  • Snake: This sign is compatible with the Deer and the Gorilla. Their lucky number is 11.
  • Squirrel: Its special number is 12 and it is compatible with the owl and the hawk.
  • Turtle: shows affinity with the bat, peacock and jaguar. Its special number is 13.
  • Bat: is compatible with the peacock and the jaguar. Its lucky number is 1.
  • ScorpionLucky number: its lucky number is 2 and it has affinity with the lizard and fox.
  • Deer: 3 is his favorite digit and he is compatible with the snake, the monkey and the turtle.
  • Owl: Its special number is 4 and it is related to the squirrel, hawk and peacock.
  • Peacock: Its special number is 5 and is compatible with the jaguar, bat and turtle.

These are the most marked compatibilities of the different animals of the Mayan horoscope. However, we can always show affinity with other people who, in principle, show signs of incompatibility with our sign.

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