Seconds to hz

Converts seconds to hz with ease thanks to our online tool. Just enter the number of seconds the period lasts and then click the calculate button to get the equivalent hertz.

Remember that we also have at your disposal a converter of Hz to seconds for you to perform the reverse conversion.

What is a hertz?

One hertz is a unit of frequency defined as an event with a period that repeats once every second.. This can be easily checked with the mathematical formula that we will also see in the next point:

freq = 1/T = 1/1s = 1 hz

How to change from seconds to Hertz

Seconds to hz

For relate frequency to periodAs the frequency increases, we must know that both variables are inversely proportional to each other, i.e., as the frequency increases, the time of the period in seconds decreases. This can be expressed mathematically by the following formula:

f (Hz) = 1/T (seconds)

Like practical example, imagine you want to know how many Hertz is 2 seconds:

f (Hz) = 1/T (seconds) = 1/2 = 0.5 hertz

Convert seconds to hertz in Excel

Although Excel does not have a specific formula for convert seconds to hertz, we are going to apply the expression we have seen in the previous point and we are going to adapt it in order to make the conversion in the Microsoft program.

To do this, open a spreadsheet and write in a cell the number of seconds you want to convert to Hertz.

When you have done this, move to an empty cell and write the following formula:


Just change the A1 coordinates to the coordinates of the cell you have used. You can also type directly the number of seconds you want to change to hz. For example, if you want to know how many Hertz is two secondsthen the function will be written like this:


Table of equivalence of seconds to Hz

Below you will find a table in which several of the following have been compiled seconds to Hertz conversions and in which you can see more clearly the inversely proportional relationship between frequency and period:

Seconds (s)Hertz (Hz)

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