Hz to seconds

Change from hz to seconds is possible even though they are units of frequency and time respectively. This is because the frequency in hertz is inversely proportional to the time in seconds, something that allows us to go from seconds to hz or vice versa very easily.

Thanks to our converter, you can transform a frequency in hertz to seconds by simply entering its value and clicking on the calculate button. If you wish, we also have at your disposal a converter of seconds to Hertz which works in the same way but will do the reverse operation.

How to go from Hz to seconds

As mentioned before, the frequency in hertz is inversely proportional to time in seconds, i.e., it complies with the following mathematical formula:

t (s) = 1/freq (Hz)

60 hz to seconds

As a practical example of what we have just seen in the previous section, imagine that you want to know how many seconds is 60 Hz. To do this, we apply the mathematical formula we have seen before and we have something like:

t (s) = 1 / 60 Hz = 0.01666 seconds.

How much does 1 hz equal to seconds?

Hz to seconds

Continuing with the theory explained in the previous point, let's calculate how many seconds 1 Hertz is equivalent to:

t (s) = 1 / 1 hz = 1 second

This is an expected and logical result looking at the formula that allows us to convert seconds to hz. As we have seen before, as we increase the frequency, the time in seconds decreases.

1 Mhz to seconds

Let's make a third example on how to calculate the equivalence between these two frequency units. In this case, we have 1 Mhz to be converted to seconds but since the mathematical formula is only valid with Hertz, the first thing we are going to do is change from Mhz to Hz 1 megahertz:

f(Hz) = f(MHz) × 1000000 = 1 Mhz x 1,000,000 = 1,000,000,000 hz

Now we apply the formula of the first section to know the number of seconds in 1 Mhz:

t (s) = 1/freq (Hz) = 1 / 1,000,000,000 hz = 0.000001 seconds.

Hz to seconds equivalence table

Below you will find a table with the equivalence of some values of frequency in hertz converted to secondsso you can see that it is indeed an inversely proportional relationship, since as the frequency increases, the time in seconds decreases.

Hertz (Hz)Seconds (s)

Convert hertz to seconds in Excel

If you want to create your own hertz to seconds using Excel, in the video above we explain how it is done.

We have simply transferred the theoretical formula to Excel in order to make the conversion. If you would like to try it yourself, open a spreadsheet and write in an empty cell the following expression:


You will only have to cambiar la palabra "freq" por la cantidad de hz que quieres convertir a segundos. For example, if you want to transform 2 hz to seconds, you will write it this way:


If you wanted to convert 20 hz to seconds, then you would use this one:


If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us or write a comment.

What is a hertz?

If you have come this far without knowing what is a hertz, we are going to explain it as best we can for you to understand it.

A hertz is a unit of frequency and significa "un ciclo por segundo" o expresado en otras palabras, "la oscilación que describe una partícula durante un periodo de un segundo".

Mathematically, the above can be expressed as follows:

f = 1/T = Hz = s-1 = 1/s

If you notice, this formula is similar to the one we have used to convert from hz to seconds.

Since we know how much 1 Hz is worth and the time its period lasts (1 second), then we can from hertz to seconds with a simple division or by using our converter that does the calculation automatically.

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