Seconds to hours

Convert seconds to hours, minutes and seconds is a simple task but it requires time to do it well. We have to make a series of divisions that, sometimes, can give us more than one headache if we do not know very well the procedure to follow.

Fortunately, we have created for you a calculator to convert from seconds to hours which will give you the conversion in decimal format or for better understanding, in hours, minutes and seconds. If you want to perform the reverse conversion, we also have a tool for from hours to seconds.

How to go from seconds to hours

Seconds to hours

To go from seconds to hours we have to know that:

1 hour = 3,600 seconds

Thus, if we have a figure of 3,900 seconds to convert to hours, we must apply the following mathematical formula:

t = 3,900 seconds / 3,600 seconds = 1.0833 hours.

Convert seconds to hours, minutes and seconds

Like it looks a bit strange to see a result in hours in decimal formatl, we are going to perform the procedure in a more accurate way because when dividing by 3,600, we start to drag precision errors that will end up making us lose a few seconds along the way.

The step-by-step to convert seconds to hours, minutes and seconds is as follows:

  1. Divide the seconds by 60. The quotient of the division will be the minutes and the remainder will be the number of seconds.
  2. If the quotient obtained in the previous division was equal to or greater than 60, we divide again by 60. This time, the quotient obtained will be the number of hours and the remainder the number of minutes.
  3. We group the hours and minutes from step 2 and take the number of seconds from step 1. Now we have the seconds converted to hours, minutes and seconds.

To understand the above a little better and following the same example as before, let's convert the 3,900 seconds to minutes by dividing by 60:

3,900 seconds / 60 = 65 minutes

Now we return to perform a division by 60 to convert those 65 minutes to hours. The difference with respect to the first attempt is that this time, we are going to keep the quotient and the remainder that we obtain, without the need to calculate a division with decimals:

65 minutes / 60 = 1 hour and 5 minutes

If, for example, we were to convert a figure of 3,901 seconds to hours, we would have had to do the following two divisions to convert to hours, minutes and seconds:

3,901 seconds / 60 = 65 minutes and 1 second

65 minutes / 60 = 1 hour and 5 minutes


3,901 seconds = 1 hour, 5 minutes and 1 second

Once you get the hang of performing divisions with quotient and remainder, the change from seconds to hours is very simple.

Convert seconds to hours, minutes and seconds in Excel

There is a way to convert seconds to hours, minutes and seconds using Excel. Below we explain the steps to be followed.

The first is to open the Microsoft program, start a new spreadsheet and select the cell in which you are going to write the formula. When you have selected the cell, go to the Format > Cell menu and select the categoría de "hora".

Change seconds to hours, minutes and seconds in Excel

Among all the types offered, we will choose the one that shows us the time in format hh:mm:ss as can be seen in the image above these lines.

Now that you have changed the formatting of the cell, to make the conversion from seconds to seconds, minutes and hours you must write the following formula:


Sólo tienes que cambiar la palabra 'segundos' por la cantidad de tiempo que quieras. Por ejemplo, vamos a ver el resultado que obtenemos al convertir 4250 segundos:


And after accepting the formula, Excel will tell us that that number of seconds equals 1 hour, 10 minutes and 50 seconds, something that the program expresses as 1:10:50 but remember that in the previous step we changed the cell formatting to express the time as hh:mm:ss.

If you only want to from seconds to hours and you don't need the number of minutes or seconds, you can use this other function in Excel which is simpler:


Sólo tienes que cambiar el "C5" por la cantidad de segundos que quieres convertir a horas.

If you still have any questions, leave us a comment and we will help you in any way we can.

7 thoughts on “Segundos a horas”

    • Hello Gabriela,

      Thanks a million for informing us about the bug. We have already corrected it, although we recognize that it would not be bad to have negative minutes to go back in time :)

      Joking aside, the calculator to change from seconds to hours is now working properly.

      Greetings! :P

  1. Hola Amigo.
    Thank you very much for the facility, but if I would like to have more...
    for example:

    Seconds: 1209142
    In decimal: 335,873

    I would like the result to be displayed, example hours:minutes:seconds 335:52:22
    or for example, days:hours:minutes:seconds 13d:23:52m:22s

    • Hello Pablo,

      Actually that representation of seconds to hours, minutes and seconds is enabled just below. For your conversion of 1209142 seconds, we are talking about 335 hours, 52 minutes and 22 seconds.

  2. Hi thanks for the post, it helped me.
    but I don't understand why the time format of the cell has to be divided by 86400 for the seconds to work properly.
    could you tell me?
    thank you very much.

    • Hello Juan José,

      86400 seconds are the number of seconds in a day. We have to divide by that number to calculate the result in hours, minutes and seconds using Excel and get it in the proper format.

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