Celsius to Kelvin

Change from degrees Celsius to Kelvin easily thanks to our online converter below. Its use is as simple as entering the number of degrees Celsius you want to convert to Kelvin and click on the calculate button.

How to convert from Celsius to Kelvin: formula

Celsius to Kelvin Converter

Temperature in degrees Kelvin is equivalent to the temperature in degrees Celsius. (ºC) plus 273.15, that is, the formula below:

T(K) = T(°C) + 273.15

If we want to spend 20 degrees Celsius to degrees KelvinIf we do not have to apply the previous operation, we simply have to apply the previous operation and we will obtain this result:

T(K) = 20°C + 27,.15 = 293.15 K

With this formula, you can now calculate for yourself how many Kelvin a given number of degrees Celsius is equivalent to.

How to convert from Celsius to Kelvin in Excel

Convert Celsius to Kelvin using Excel is possible with a simple formula that you must write in a Microsoft spreadsheet. Simply copy the one below and that's it:


With that formula, you are having Excel automatically convert the number of degrees Celsius you want to Kelvin (ºC to ºK), without the need to know the equivalence between these two temperature units. Excel will do it all for you.

Remember that the first argument of the formula to convert from Kelvin to Celsius degrees corresponds to the coordinates of the cell in which we will write the number of degrees Celsius that will be converted to degrees Kelvin.

If you wish, you can also write in the formula the temperature at degrees Celsius directly as follows:


In this second example, Excel will change 27 degrees Celsius to Kelvin. You can change the number and write the one you want. We like the first method better as it allows you to create your own Celsius to Kelvin converter as you can see in the video we have recorded in this section.

If you have any doubts about how the process is done, leave us a comment and we will help you with the conversion in the shortest time possible.

Celsius to Kelvin Equivalence Chart

Print this table of equivalence between degrees Celsius and Kelvin degrees and you will have a quick reference to the conversion between these two temperature units so often used in physics problems.

Celsius (°C)Kelvin (K)Description
-273.15 °C0 KAbsolute zero
-50 °C223.15 K
-40 °C233.15 K
-30 °C243.15 K
-20 °C253.15 K
-10 °C263.15 K
0 °C273.15 KFreezing point of water
10 °C283.15 K
20 °C293.15 K
21 °C294.15 KAmbient room temperature
30 °C303.15 K
37 °C310.15 KAverage human body temperature
40 °C313.15 K
50 °C323.15 K
60 °C333.15 K
70 °C343.15 K
80 °C253.15 K
90 °C363.15 K
100 °C373.15 KBoiling point of water
200 °C473.15 K
300 °C573.15 K
400 °C673.15 K
500 °C773.15 K
600 °C873.15 K
700 °C973.15 K
800 °C1073.15 K
900 °C1173.15 K
1000 °C1273.15 K

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