Yards to meters

In the United States it is quite common to hear about yards, a measure of length little used in Spain and of which you may not know its equivalence in meters. So that you keep it in mind for future calculations, 1 yard equals 0.9144 meters.

If you want to convert from yards to meters For any other figure, our online calculator will provide you with this conversion without the need to do any operations.

How to convert from yards to meters

Now that we know that 1 yard is 0.9144 meters, we can take advantage of this equivalence to deduce the formula that will allow us to convert from yards to meters:

mts = yards x 0.9144

For example, do youhow many meters is 100 yards? To solve the exercise we apply the above formula and obtain that:

100 yards x 0.9144 = 91.44 meters

Also in this case the conversion has been quite simple since when multiplying by 100 we have only had to move the decimal point two positions to the right. Let's look at another example in which we will convert 60 yards to meters:

60 yards x 0.9144 = 54.86 mts.

How to convert from meters to yards

Now that we know how to convert yards to meters, let's learn how to do the reverse conversion, that is, from meters to yards.

In this case the operation is similar only that instead of multiplying, we will divide. To be clear, this is the formula to convert mts to yards:

yards = meters / 0.9144

As a solved exercise, let's see how many yards is 50 meters. We apply the formula we have just seen and:

50 mts / 0,9144 = 54,69 yards

The operation is simple and, as in the previous case, does not involve any difficulty. The only thing you have to remember is the equivalence between meters and yards but if you are not going to use these units frequently, it is best to use our converter and that's it.

How to convert yards to meters in Excel

Yards to meters in Excel

If you want to make your own yard to meter converter and you have Excel installed on your computer, you can switch from one unit to another immediately and without operations.

You just have to open a new spreadsheet and put in an empty cell the following formula:


Be sure to change the coordinates C3 to those of the cell in which you have set the number of yards you want to convert to meters. You can also replace the coordinates directly with the number of yards you want to convert.

For example, if you want to calculate how many meters is 25 yards, you would put the function like this:


Meters to Yards Converter in Excel

In the same way as in the previous case, you can convert from meters to yards using Excel and the following function:


The operation is exactly the same, in such a way that if you want to obtain how many yards is 10 metersyou will write it this way in Excel:


Yard to Meter Equivalency Chart

Yards to meters converter

Below you will find a table that shows the equivalence of yards to meters to give you a clearer idea of the conversion between these two units of length.


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