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If you want to know your weight on other planetsOur online calculator will let you know what you would weigh on Mars, Jupiter or even on the Moon. To do this you only have to enter what you weigh here on Earth and click on the calculate button, so you will automatically know how the gravity of each of the planets influences on your mass and remember, weight and mass are not the same magnitudes since the weight varies according to gravity.

For example, if a child weighs 30 kilograms on Earth, on Mercury it would weigh only 11.7 kilograms. Surprising, isn't it? Find out how much you weigh on other planets:

Why do we weigh differently on other planets?

Calculate weight on other planets

As we have indicated at the beginning of this post, our weight depends on the force of gravity that acts on the planet or satellite where we are. The gravity of the earth is not the same as that of the moon.

How does gravity influence our weight? Let's look at it with the fMathematical formula:

Weight = mass x gravity

From this we can deduce that che greater the force of gravity, the heavier we will weigh. Another interesting detail is that our mass will always be constant regardless of gravity. What changes is our weight (unit of force).

How to calculate my weight on the moon

In order to clarify the theory seen in the previous point, let's see how to calculate my weight on the moon and compare it with the result obtained on Earth.

For this we will assume that the mass of a person is 70 kg, moreover, we know that the gravity on the moon is 1.622 m/s².

With this data, we are going to calculate how much a person will weigh if he or she someday travels to the moon:

Weight on the moon = weight on Earth/gravity on Earth x gravity on the moon.

Now we substitute in the formula the data we know and we have that:

Weight on the moon = 70 Kg / 9.8 m/s² x 1.622 m/s² = 11.55 Kg.

How to calculate your weight on other planets

Solar system planets

Now that we know how to calculate our weight on the moon, we can apply the same formula to get our weight on other planets:

Weight on other planets = Weight on earth/gravity of earth x gravity on other planet

The ratio of (gravity on the other planet/gravity of the earth) is known as the gravitational factor and refers to the force of attraction exerted by one planet on another. Thus, the formula to calculate your weight on other planets can also be expressed in this other way:

My weight on another planet = Weight on Earth x Gravitational Factor

So that you have all the data to solve problems, below is a table that shows the gravity and gravitational factor of the moon and the

PlanetGravity (m/s²)Gravitational factor

For example, what is my weight on Mars if on Earth it is 72 kg?

Weight on Mars = 72 Kg x 0.378 = 27.21 Kg

What about Jupiter? Let's take the gravitational factor of that planet and compare the result:

My weight in Jupiter = 72 Kg x 2,527 = 181,944 Kg

As you can see, en Jupiter hemos "engordado" a few kilos but it is due to the fact that the force of gravity on that planet is 24.79 m/s2The gravity we have on earth is 2.53 times the gravity we have on earth and therefore, we weigh 2.5 times as much.

If you have any questions regarding our weight on other planetsLeave us a comment and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

2 thoughts on “Calculadora de peso en otros planetas”

  1. Buenas, realizo la lectura de este post y me quedan varias dudas al respecto.
    Creo que no debemos confundir el Peso con la masa. Peso es un tipo de fuerza que realiza un planeta sobre un cuerpo presente en él, por lo tanto su unidad de medida debe ser el Newton (El Newton es una unidad de fuerza). El Peso esta vinculado con la masa de objeto y con la gravedad del lugar donde se encuentra. Si lo deducimos de la segunda ley de Newton el Peso es el producto de la masa por la gravedad del planeta (Peso=m .g)
    La masa es aquella magnitud que obtenemos de subirnos a una balanza y no cambia al obtenerla en cualquiera de los planetas que se menciona.
    El peso si cambia y es diferente en cada lugar, pero esto se debe porque la gravedad en cada lugar es diferente. Por lo tanto no engordas en otro planeta, solo se ejerce sobre ti otro valor de fuerza.


    • Hola Paula,

      Tienes toda la razón y hemos entrecomillado la expresión de engordar ya que no es realmente así. Gracias por el apunte.


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