38th week of pregnancy

Your pregnancy is about to end. You have just left the 37th week of pregnancy and start the week 38 with a lot of illusion. You know that you are very close to giving birth, although the wait is getting too long.

If you want to know what the next seven days have in store for youRead on to find out. It's not long now until we are out of accounts, do you have already everything you need?

38th week of pregnancy, how many months is it?

38th week of pregnancy

You are very close to giving birth. You are 8.6 months pregnant and therefore, you are only two weeks away from being able to hold your baby in your arms.

Even if they are only 14 days to deliveryIf you're not sure how long the countdown will take, it may take longer than you'd like. Therefore, you can try to distract yourself with activities that you enjoy or relax you, such as reading a book or listening to music, so you will keep your head busy and make this countdown more bearable.

What is the mother's weight at 38 weeks of pregnancy?

In the 38th week of pregnancy your weight has increased. between 12 and 15 kilograms although on average, women usually gain around 13 kilograms at this stage of the gestation period.

In the case of a twin pregnancyThe number of pregnancies is then increased and the expectant mother could gain between 15 and 23 kilograms.

Symptoms of the 38th week of pregnancy

At this point we can no longer talk about symptoms, but rather about your physical condition is completely conditioned by the size of your belly and the weight you have gained during all these weeks.

This can cause you feel exhausted or have difficulty in performing daily tasksIn addition, there may be other problems such as breathing difficulties or increased pressure on the bladder, which will cause you to have to go to the bathroom to urinate very frequently or suddenly.

It is also true that by the 38th week of pregnancy, the baby is already wedged in and is positioned in the right position for when it is time to deliver. This will reduce the pressure on the sternum, which will relieve respiratory and digestive discomfort.

Period pains and prickling

In the 38th week of pregnancy, it is common for many expectant mothers to experience period-like pain or menstruation. These pricks are another symptom that labor is very close and the baby is about to be born.

If you ask your doctor about these period pains or pricklingYou will see that he does not give it much importance since it is nothing out of the ordinary.

However, always keep in mind that these period pains or pinpricks in the 38th week of pregnancy are not associated with bleeding so if you notice blood loss, go to the hospital. urgently.

Symptoms of labor in the 38th week of pregnancy

You may already be familiar with the Braxton Hicks contractionsThe first signs that we may be in labor are false signs that we may be in labor when in fact we are not.

Braxton Hicks contractions are irregular and of low intensity, however, a clear symptom of labor is the onset of much more intense contractions and regularly spaced over time.

For example, many women tend to have contractions every five minutes for an hour and a half before the time of delivery.

The best thing to do in these cases is to write down on a sheet of paper the time at which you have each contraction in order to see if they are repeated at regular time intervals and thus be able to identify that you are going to give birth soon.

Other symptoms of childbirth are very clear:

  • Rupture of the amniotic fluid sac, commonly known as water breaking.
  • Reduction of the baby's movements.
  • Loss of mucous plug.

If labor comes early and the baby is not in the proper position, they may need to cesarean section.

Medical tests during the 38th week of pregnancy

At 38 weeks of pregnancy you will have to visit the doctor again. With all the tests already done, the specialist just wants to make sure everything is okay and know your symptoms during these days.

With the data you provide and the additional tests he/she will do, he/she will try to predict the exact date of delivery so that the birth of the baby is totally controlled and supervised.

Baby's movements in the 38th week of pregnancy

The baby already has a length of 49 centimeters and weighs about 3 kilograms. He lacks space to move around so considering that we are in the 38th week of pregnancy, he should already be boxed in and in the right position for his birth.

This means that its head is resting on the cervix and their physical activity is considerably reduced although in some cases, there are mothers who report that the baby moves a lot during the last stage of pregnancy, which is not usually the case.

Do you want to know what will happen in the 39th week of pregnancy? Click on the link we have just left you and discover what will happen in the next seven days of the gestation period.

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