Calculating the volume of a rectangular prism

Calculate the volume of a rectangular prismYou can calculate the volume of a box, box or any other object you want to calculate its volume from its dimensions.

You just need to know the height, width and depth measurements, enter them in the calculator and press the calculate button to obtain the result.

How to calculate the volume of a rectangular prism

Rectangular prism

A rectangular prism is similar to a box. and has the appearance of the figure just above these lines. It is also known as a parallelepiped but in both cases it refers to the same type of figure.

To calculate its volume, we simply have to multiply its dimensions applying the following formula:

volume = base x height x depth

For example, let's calculate the volume of the rectangular prism above:

volume = 6cm x 4cm x 3cm = 72 cm3

It is important that you always write down the units of volume in the result. In our example, since we have all dimensions in centimeters, the result is measured in cubic centimeters.

Characteristics of a parallelepiped

If you want to know more about the parallelepiped or rectangular prism, you should know that:

  • It has six faces, all of them parallel and equal in sets of two by two.
  • 12 edges
  • 8 vertices

Now that you know a little more about the parallelepiped and know how to calculate its volume from the formula, let's look at more particular cases.

Calculate the volume of a room

For calculate the volume of a room we have to make the same calculation that we have seen in the previous point. That is, we will have to measure the height, width and length of the room in meters to calculate how many cubic meters fit in the room.

The problem with measuring the volume of a room is that its shape is usually not perfectly square or rectangular. Below we can see an L-shaped room, how do we calculate its volume? in this case?

Calculate the volume of a room

What we have done is to divide the room into two rectangular prisms, so we will calculate the volume of each one and, finally, we will obtain the total volume of the room by adding the results obtained. That is to say:

Volume of the room = volume prism 1 + volume prism 2

The volume of each prism is obtained with the mathematical formula seen in the first point, which consists of multiplying the base by the height and by the length.

Depending on the shape of the room, it will be more or less difficult to calculate its volume.

Calculate the volume of a table

Ikea table

There are times when you also want to calculate the volume of furniture such as a table or a cabinet. Again, the procedure to perform is exactly the same as we have seen so far.

For example, let's calculate the volume of an Ikea table (model LINNMON / GODVIN) whose dimensions are:

  • Length: 150 cm
  • Width: 75 cm
  • Height: 74 cm

We apply the formula and we have that:

Table volume = 150cm x 75cm x 74cm = 832.500 cm3 = 0,8325 m3

Calculate the volume of a rectangle

Calculate volume of a rectangle

The volume of a rectangle cannot be calculated. since it is a flat figure from which we can only calculate its area.

You may want to calculate the volume of a rectangle-shaped prismFor this you have to follow the steps seen in the first point of the theory.

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  1. I have the case of a rectangular prism where the height is 118cm and base 115, width 44 cm what I want to calculate is how many spheres there are the sphere measures 3.66
    but I don't know how to calculate the spaces between one and the other, or the wasted area.


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