Tire equivalence

When buying new wheels for your car, it is very important that you buy the same size that comes as standard, otherwise you will have to calculating the equivalence of tiresThe maximum tolerance of ± 3% is ± 3% as this is the maximum allowed in Spain.

If you want to find out if you can buy those new wheels for your car, use our tire equivalency calculator and get out of doubt right now:

How do you know if two tires are equivalent?

Measurements shown on the sidewall of a tire

For to know if two tires are equivalent you can use our calculator, a tool that will compare the outside diameter of each wheel and calculate the percentage difference between the meters covered by the approved wheel and the new one.

If the tolerance is within the range ± 3%then you can buy it without any problem.

You should also take into account that according to Royal Decree 736/1988 B.O.E. No. 301, the equivalent tires are meet the following conditions:

  • The load capacity index is equal to or greater on the new wheel, in addition, it must be equal to or greater than the one indicated on the ITV card.
  • The speed code must be the same or higher on the new tire.
  • The profile of the rim must correspond to that of the tire.

Taking into account all the above points, you will not have any problem if you change the wheel size of your car for an equivalent one.

If you do not comply with these points, you will be required to homologate the new tire.

How does our tire equivalence calculator work?

Since there are many wheel sizes available today, our tire equivalency calculator will help you to calculate the equivalence between compare outside diameter of each to see if the new wheel is within the legal limits or not.

For this we take into account parameters such as width, profile and diameter. With these we calculate the distance in meters that each wheel travels in one revolution and by comparing these values we calculate the distance in meters that each wheel travels in one revolution. we take out the tolerance margin between them.

In this way, the comparison is quick and easy so that you can find out immediately if you can buy these wheels for your car.

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