Thermal sensation

Calculate wind chill is especially useful for testing our body's reaction to certain environmental conditions such as wind.

Calculate the wind chill below by entering only the temperature in degrees Celsius and wind speed in kilometers per hour, values that you can get from any weather website.

What is wind chill?

Calculate wind chill

Even if the weather forecast shows a certain temperature, high wind may increase or decrease wind chillThe weather conditions are very hot, causing us to be more or less sheltered.

But what is wind chill? If we look for a definition, the thermal sensation refers to our body's reaction to environmental conditions.. These environmental conditions can increase our sensation of ambient heat or cold.

For example, wind is one of the most influential factors in varying the thermal sensation, but it is not the only one. Humidity also plays an important role and it is not the same to spend an August day at the beach at 35ºC than to spend the same day in Madrid with the same temperature. The relative humidity of the air plays a fundamental role.

How to calculate wind chill

Child cooling off to lower the wind chill

For calculating wind chill from wind speed we can use Siple's formula:

Wind chill = 13.112 + 0.6215 Temp.environmental -11.37 V 0.16 + 0.3965 Tempenvironmental V0.16

Where v is the air speed in km/h and the ambient temperature in ºC.

This wind chill calculation is approximate and does not take into account other variables such as the influence of outdoor radiation during a sunny day, something that can significantly modify the thermal sensation perceived by our body. Obviously, being in the shade is not the same as being in the sun.

Even so, the sensation temperature is a value that very approximately reflects the feeling of a person in a given environment from its temperature and air velocity.

To prove it, we leave you with a table below where you can see how air influences wind chill variation:

Temperature (ºC)Wind less than 12.5 km/hWind between 12.5 and 21.5 km/h (7.5 and 21.5 km/h)Wind between 21.5 and 36 km/h (21.5 and 36 km/h)Wind between 36 and 50 km/hWind over 50 km/h

As you can see, at 34ºC and above, the presence of wind increases the thermal sensation. instead of reducing it. This makes a lot of sense because our body temperature is between 35ºC and 37ºC, so in high temperatures, the wind gives us the sensation of being in an oven and the heat intensifies.

For temperatures below our body temperature, the wind chill decreases as it gets windier. This is something to keep in mind because at very high wind chill temperatures, we start to run health risks:

  • Caution: between 27ºC and 32ºC. We may feel fatigue if we are in the sun for a long time or exercise at these temperatures.
  • Extreme caution: between 32ºC and 40ºC. At these temperatures we already run the risk of heat stroke, heat stroke, muscle cramps.
  • Danger: between 40º and 55º: the probability of suffering any of the problems seen in the previous point is increased.
  • Extreme danger: temperatures above 55º in thermal sensation. In this case, our health is in serious danger and we can suffer heat stroke or heat stroke at any time.

In recent years it is common to reach 40º in many cities in Spain, so if the wind blows a little, wind chill may increase by a couple of degreesWe are in a situation of danger.

In these cases of high heat, the best thing to do is to calculate how many liters of water to drink per day and always leave home with your fresh bottle.

Weather stations

Weather station

Thanks to technological advances, we are able to have our own weather station for a very low price. Thanks to this product, we can obtain real-time weather data and calculate values such as outdoor temperature, wind chill, wind speed, humidity, forecast and many other factors.

If you are interested, in this website you can find the best weather stations to use at home.

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