Calculate the triple of a number

Calculate the double of a number o triple an amount are very common and easy calculations, however, as the number gets higher or involves decimals, the operation gets a little more complicated.

Here is a tool that will allow you to calculate the triple of a number instantly, and you can even choose the number of decimal places with which you want the result.

What is the triple of a number?

Triple of a number

When we talk about the triple of a number, what we are doing is multiply by 3. That is to say, it is essential to know how to multiply to be able to calculate it or at least it makes things easier for us.

Triple of n = 3 x n

If you want to teach how to calculating the triple of a number for elementary school and the children still don't know anything about multiplication, you can offer them an alternative learning method based on addition. That is, to get the triple of a number they have to add it three consecutive times and the final result will be the triple.

This can be expressed algebraically as follows:

Triple of n = n+ n + n

Examples of the triple of a number

We will look at several examples of how to calculate the triple of a number in both methods, i.e., by multiplication or for addition as primary school children would learn it.

The triple of 4

  • By multiplications: 4 x 3 = 12
  • By adding: 4 +4 + 4 + 4 = 12

The triple of 16

  • Multiplying: 16 x 3 = 48
  • With sums: 16 + 16 + 16 + 16 = 48

Three times 100

  • With multiplication: 100 x 3 = 300
  • With sums: 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 = 300

As you can see, calculate the triple of a number multiplying by three or adding its value 3 times gives exactly the same result.

With the multiplications el proceso es mucho más rápido pero si pretendes enseñar a un niño el concepto de "the triple", el método de la suma lo entenderán mucho mejor y sin saberlo, estarán learning to multiply little by little.

Triple of a number in algebraic language

Below are several examples or exercises involving the calculation of the triple of a quantity and also ask for the result in algebraic expression.

Cuando nos refiramos a un número del cual no conocemos su valor lo vamos a denominar con la letra 'n' tal y como lo haríamos de algebraic form.

Three times a number minus two

3 x n - 2

Remember that in this case multiplication is performed before subtraction.

Triple of a number plus double of the same number

(3 x n) + (2 x n)

Again we have to solve the two multiplications first and when we have the result of both, proceed to perform the addition.

Triple a number minus 5 equals 16

In this case we are proposing a system of equations that will allow us to find the value of n. From the statement we deduce the following mathematical formula:

(3 x n) - 5 = 16

We begin to operate to clear the unknown and we have that:

3 x n = 16 - 5 = 11

n = 11 / 3

The result is a irreducible fraction that we cannot simplify any further.

Three times a number minus its square

(3 x n) - n2

Three times a number minus its half

(3 x n) - (n/2)

If you have any expression in algebraic language that you do not know how to calculate or you have doubts about what we have explained, do not hesitate to leave us a comment and we will help you as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “Calcular el triple de un número”

  1. I need your help
    For the function triple of a number, plus 6?
    Write the formula for the function
    Calculate the set of zeros
    Indicate your order of origin
    Plot on a pair of Cartesian axes
    Indicate whether the straight line is increasing or decreasing and justify

    • Hello Eliana,

      We cannot solve the whole exercise since we cannot graph the function. What we can help you is to start solving it with the following hint. The function you are asked to solve is:

      f(x) = 3x + 6

      You only have to give values to the x (0, 1, 2, 3,...,) to draw it, to draw its intervals, etc. It also gives negative values since from -3, the function will be decreasing.

      If you still have any doubts, let us know.

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