Do you need calculate the area or volume of a tetrahedron? Here is a calculator that will allow you to do so by simply entering the length of one of the sides of this figure, that is, the value of its edge.

When you have selected what you want to calculate (area or volume) and typed in the length of the edge of the tetrahedronClick on the calculate button and you will get the result you are looking for.

What is a regular tetrahedron?

Regular tetrahedron
Regular tetrahedron

A regular tetrahedron is a figure formed by 4 equilateral triangles exactly the same. Due to its composition, this figure has:

  • 4 sides
  • 4 vertices
  • 6 edges, 3 of which end in the same vertex

Area of a tetrahedron

Now that you know how many faces a tetrahedron has and you know that they are made up of equilateral triangles, you can calculate the area of this figure in a simple way by applying the following mathematical formula:

Formula for calculating the area of a tetrahedron

Volume of a tetrahedron

If you want to calculate the volume of a tetrahedron regular, then this is the formula you have to apply:

Formula to obtain the volume of a tetrahedron

Height of a tetrahedron

In order to apply the formula that allows calculate the height of a tetrahedron regular we must assume that one of its faces is supported on a horizontal plane. If this condition is satisfied, the height of the tetrahedron can be obtained with the following formula:

Formula for the height of a tetrahedron

How to make a tetrahedron

If you want to learn cow to make a tetrahedronjust follow these steps.

The first of these consists of download and print the following template that will allow you to make this polyhedral figure.

Template to make a tetrahedron

Once you have it, follow these instructions:

  • Cut out the tetrahedron template with the scissors.
  • Fold the paper along all the lines of the template. If you want, you can help yourself with a ruler so that the fold is perfect.
  • Put some glue stick on the eyelashes and glue them in the corresponding place. You will have to help yourself a little with your fingers so that they are well glued.

If you have done well, you will know how to make a tetrahedron and you will have your own to better understand what this figure looks like in three-dimensional space.

Irregular tetrahedron

Non-regular tetrahedron

There are also non-regular or irregular tetrahedronss that are characterized because not all their faces are the same, which invalidates the previous formulas for calculating their area, volume and height.

In this case we will have to use the general formulas as a function of Cartesian coordinates (x, y, z) of its vertices, assuming that the fourth vertex is at the origin of coordinates.

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