What is my screen resolution

What is my resolution

¿What is my screen resolution? This is a question one often wonders, especially now that there are so many variations between HD, Full HD, 2K, 4K, 8K and many other formats that go beyond the standard values.

To help you avoid headaches, the following tool will show you what is your screen resolution:

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Resistor color coding

Resistance calculator

Do you need to know the color coding of resistors to calculate its value? Here we show you what it is, how to calculate the value of a resistor and an online calculator through which you can select the color of each band and calculate its value without making calculations.

We leave you with the calculadora de resistencias de tres o cuatro bandas en la que simplemente tienes que ir seleccionando el color de cada banda y automáticamente te mostrará su valor y su tolerancia. Si tu resistencia es de 3 bandas, simplemente no pongas ningún color en el último selector.

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Voltage divider

Do you need a voltage divider calculator? It uses ours and automatically calculates values such as equivalent resistance, current flowing through the circuit, voltage drops, output voltage and power.

If you need more voltage divider informationRead on because we will show you the formula, solved exercises and more.

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Watts to Amps

Watt to ampere converter

If you want to convert electrical power into Watts to AmpsIn order to convert from W to A, it is necessary that you have a minimum knowledge of electronics.

Since you probably don't remember the power formulas to obtain the electric current, here is one calculator to convert from Watts to Amperes in direct current and alternating current lines. In the latter case, you can also differentiate between single-phase and three-phase lines.

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How many visitors do you need to make money with your website?

Website or blog visit calculator

Earning money with a website or blog is something that many people dream of achieving someday. It is true that many earn a bonus with an Internet page but, is it possible to make money with a website?how many visitors do you really need to make a living from your website? with AdSense or another CPC advertising network?

Below you will find a tool with which you can calculate the volume of visits per month on your website to earn an amount of money that you set. If you have any doubts about how to use this web visitor calculator, read on.

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Generate secure password online

Online Password Generator

Do you need create a secure password? Our password generator will offer you the possibility to create secure passwords with ease, being able to configure the type of pass you want and its length.

By default, an 8-character string composed of letters and numbers will be generated, but as we say, you can vary this configuration as you wish in order to generate passwords up to 100 characters.

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3 parallel resistors calculator

Parallel Resistor Calculator

Do you need a three parallel resistors calculator? You're in luck, here's one to get the equivalent resistance of this configuration of resistors in a circuit.

Its operation is very simple and all you have to do is write the resistance in Ohms of each of the three resistors and when you have it, press the calculate button to obtain the result instantly, without the need for manual calculations.

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Series Resistor Calculator

Calculate series resistors

Do you need calculate the equivalent resistance of several resistors placed in series? Don't worry, here is a utility that will allow you to calculate the equivalent resistance of up to 8 resistors placed in series.

The only thing you have to do is to select the number of resistors that are placed in series and write the value of each of them in ohms. When you have it, press the calculate button and you will get the result of the equivalent resistance in ohms and in Kohm.

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Calculate megapixels of a photo

Calculate megapixels of a photo

Calculate the megapixels of a photograph from its resolution. Enter the data in our online calculator and you will automatically know the Mpx of the photo.

If the final figure differs from the one on your camera, it is probably because you have changed the aspect ratio (widescreen, 4:3, etc.) or the brand has rounded the figure in its favor to make it rounder.

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301 web redirect generator

301 Redirect Calculator

Do you have to make a 301 redirect on one of your web pages? With our 301 redirect code generator, you can get the code you need by simply entering the URL of the website to be replaced (the old one) and the destination web address (the new one).

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Calculate TV size

TV Inch Calculator

On this page you can calculate TV dimensions in centimeters and inches as well as the right size you need to place it in your living room furniture and know how much it occupies more or less, adapting its diagonal to the viewing distance so that you do not get a small model but do not overdo it now that 50-inch or larger TVs are so fashionable.

Below you will find a calculator to find out the measurements of a television from its inches. You only have to type this data and click on the calculate button to pass the inches of a tv to centimeters automatically. 

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Internet connection speed calculator

Internet connection speed

Do you want to to know the speed of your Internet connection what have you contracted? When you see an advertisement on television offering, for example, a download speed of 300 Mbps, you must bear in mind that what they are selling you is 300 Megabits (Mb) per second and not 300 MegaBytes (MB).

The differences between both units are very palpable when downloading files, music or movies over the Internet since these files are in KiloBytes, MegaBytes or GigaBytes. Below you have a calculator that we have designed for you to know the download or upload speed of your connection to the Internet from the data you have contracted. 

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Bit, byte and computer unit converter

Computer unit converter

How many bits are a byte? How many GB are a TB? These are questions that we sometimes ask ourselves and if we are not familiar with these units of capacity, we can get confused. Luckily, we have prepared for you a bit-to-byte converter and other computer units.

Its operation is very simple. All you have to do is indicate the starting unit and the capacity figure. After pressing the calculate button, you will obtain the equivalence in the main memory units used in the world of technology.

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Golden Proportions in web design

Golden Ratio Calculator for the web

The golden ratios are considered ideal and precisely for this reason, they have been used for years in architecture and other aspects such as web design. When creating a website, there are many who take into account the golden proportions so that its design is perfect.

The calculator of Golden Ratios in web design allows you to know the exact width that the content column and the sidebar of the web should have, the most common configuration used on the Internet today. You simply have to enter the total width of the web in pixels and after clicking the calculate button, you will get the width that each of these elements should have:

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What is my IP

What is my IP

What is my IP? that is the question that many of us ask ourselves in some occasion, for that reason, if you are in this web you will know immediately the IP that corresponds to you while you are connected to the network.

Your real IP is

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Battery charging time

Calculate the charging time of a battery

Do you want to know how long it takes to charge the battery of your smartphone, tablet or any other battery?

With our online calculator for charging time of a battery podrás saber el tiempo aproximado que se tardará en completar un ciclo completo de carga en base a su capacidad en mAh y la intensidad de carga que proporcione el cargador (valor que encontrarás grabado en su carcasa, normalmente precedido de la palabra 'Output').

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Ohm's Law Calculator

Ohm's Law Calculator

With our Ohm's Law Calculator you can calculate any of the unknowns involved in it as long as you know the value of the other two unknowns. Know the value of the resistance, voltage or current of the circuit you want:

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Calculate actual capacity of a hard drive or memory

Real hard disk memory calculator

As you probably already know, the actual capacity of a hard disk or memory is significantly lower than what the manufacturer sells us. It is not that we are being deceived but that there is a different interpretation than we usually think. While we know that 1 GB is 1024 MB, a manufacturer makes a different conversion and says that 1 GB is 1000 MB, therefore, the greater the capacity of the memory or hard disk, the greater the error.

For calculate the actual capacity of a hard drive or memory you have our online tool that will calculate the space to store content by simply entering the capacity indicated by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that if it is a mobile or other device that requires added applications or manages an operating system, this memory figure may be even lower.

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Pixels per inch (PPI) calculator

Pixels per inch calculator

Calculate pixels per inch that a screen offers is a very simple task thanks to our online calculator. All you need to know is the resolution of the panel and its size in inches to be able to know the PPPsthat is, the number of pixels per inch. If you do not know what is my screen resolutionClick on the link we have just left and we will tell you.

This concept is also known by other names depending on the place where we see it written, finding variants such as PPI or DPI but ultimately, they all refer to the same value.

Do you want to know the pixel density per inch of the screen of your new tablet or smartphone? You can calculate its value automatically below.

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