Seconds to minutes

Do you need from seconds to minutes? Don't worry, we have developed a calculator to do the conversion automatically for you. All you need to do is enter the number of seconds you want to convert to minutes and you will automatically get the result in two formats:

  • Seconds to minutes in decimal format: you will be able to know the exact number of minutes you have entered.
  • Seconds to minutes+seconds: if you don't have an exact number of minutes, you will know how many seconds you have left over.

Remember that if you want to make the opposite conversion, we also have at your disposal a minutes to seconds converter.

Formula to change from seconds to minutes

Seconds to minutes

To convert seconds to minutes we only have to divide by 60Why? Basically because we know that one minute contains a total of sixty units of the immediately smaller unit of time, i.e., the second.

From this, we can obtain a formula that facilitates change:

t = secs / 60

By example,Let's calculate how many minutes are 150 seconds by applying the above expression:

t = 150 secs / 60 = 2.5 mins.

If we do not want to have a decimal number of minutes, we can always keep the whole value of the quotient and the remainder separately. If we do this with the same example as before we have that:

t = 150 secs / 60 = 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

It is the same result in both cases, but it is likely that in this second case, the conversion of these time units will be much clearer.

How many minutes are there in 1000 seconds?

In case it is not clear how to go from sec to min, let's see another practical example in which let's calculate how many minutes there are in 1000 secondss. To do this, we apply the formula we have seen in the previous point and we obtain that:

 t = secs / 60 = 1000 secs / 60 = 16,66 minutes = 16 minutes and 40 seconds

Convert seconds to minutes in Excel

Seconds to minutes in Excel

There is a method to create your own seconds to minutes converter using Excel. To put it into practice, just open a new spreadsheet and put in an empty cell the following function:


All you have to do is sustituir la palabra "tiempo" por la cantidad de segundos you want to convert to minutes. You can also put there the coordinates of the cell in which you have written the seconds you want to convert to min.

For example, if you want to transform 100 seconds in minutesIf you do not use the formula, the Excel formula will be written like this:


If we want to know how many minutes are there in 3600 secondsthe function will be as follows:


After pressing the ENTER key, Excel will show you that in 3600 seconds there are 60 minutes, i.e. 1 hour..

Seconds to minutes table

Below is a table with more information change of units from seconds to minutesWe hope you find it useful.


If you have any questions about convert from seconds to minutesLeave us a comment and we will help you with this or any other unit conversion.

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