Smoking Cessation Calculator

One of the benefits of quitting smoking is the money savings from this unhealthy habit. If you are a smoker, you have become accustomed to paying exorbitant prices for tobacco on a frequent basis, but have you ever thought about how much you could save per year if you quit smoking?

It is clear that the best trick to quit smoking is to be mentally aware that our health will improve considerably, however, to see the money we could save If we manage to do so, it can be another interesting incentive. You can always invest the savings in a nice vacation or some other whim.

How does the smoking cessation calculator work?

Quit Smoking Calculator

Our smoking cessation calculator aims to help you forget about smoking by calculating the money you spend per day, per month or even per year on cigarettes. Thinking in the long term, you will realize that by quitting smoking, you could invest that money in other things like a vacation or a treat.

But how does the smoking cessation calculator work? Basically you need two pieces of information:

  • Knowing how many cigarettes you smoke every day
  • The price of a pack of 20 cigarettes.

Simply fill in these two fields and click the calculate button to get the results. I'm sure you will be surprised.

The price of tobacco in Spain varies over time but the following you have a website where you can consult the updated amounts in case you do not know exactly what it costs you to smoke.

How much do I save on tobacco if I smoke a pack a day?


Smoking a pack a day is quite common among smokers, sometimes there are even people who smoke two or three packs a day, but for our example, we are going to calculate how much money we save if we smoke 20 cigarettes a day and the pack costs us 4.30 euros at the Estanco.

4,30 x 30 days = 129 euros

If you quit smoking, you will save approximately 129 euros per month. And in a year?

129 euros x 12 months = 1,548 euros

What could you do with so much money? Surely invest it in something much healthier and that truly contributes to improving your quality of life.

The person who smokes 10 cigarettes a day also spends a whopping 774 euros a year.

It is clear that smoking not only kills but also seriously hurts your wallet.

Tips to quit smoking

If you really want to quit smoking, here are some tips to help you quit. tips to quit smoking:

  1. Put a day on your calendar from which you will quit tobacco. If you don't, there will always be an excuse to quit tomorrow.
  2. Change your daily routine as this will trick your brain into changing its habit of wanting to smoke at the same time as usual.
  3. No excuses. This is related to point 1.
  4. Put the money you save each day by not buying tobacco in a piggy bank.
  5. When you feel anxious about going back to smoking, try to think positive and see the benefits (go to the piggy bank and you will see all the money you have saved).
  6. Exercise helps you physically and psychologically to quit cigarettes.
  7. Drink plenty of water.
  8. Ask for advice from people around you who have smoked in the past and quit successfully.

At the end the most valuable trick to quit smoking is willpower but by following all the advice we have given you, you will make it more bearable.

3 thoughts on “Calculadora para dejar de fumar”

  1. Here is a calculation on quitting smoking in which if you invest that money you can earn... 1 million euros.
    How crazy.
    And to think that there are millions of people with low incomes but who are unable or unable or unwilling to quit.

    • Yes, quitting smoking can save a lot of money and if you know how to invest that money in good assets, much more. But of course, we can extrapolate that to anything, not only to quit smoking.

      How many people spend at least 1.20 euros every day on a coffee? And that's just to put it mildly, there are people who drink more than one or go to a Starbucks and spend at least 3 or 4 euros.

      In any case, the best investment in quitting smoking is our health.

      Greetings anonymous, I'm sorry I can't address you but you didn't leave us your name.

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