Cardiovascular risk calculator

Cardiovascular risk calculator

Calculates the probability of having a cardiovascular accident over the next 10 years based on some parameters such as your age, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, whether you suffer from diabetes or smoke.

To use our cardiovascular risk calculator you simply have to fill in each of the data we need and after clicking on the calculate button, you will get the probability of having heart or blood vessel related problems.

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Calculate body surface

Body surface area calculator

Calculate body surface area is quite common in medicine or physiology. If you want to calculate the area occupied by your body or that of a family member, you can use our online calculator to get the result in square meters.

To obtain the body surface you only have to enter the height of the person in centimeters and his or her weight in kilograms. Once these fields are filled in, press the calculate button and you will get the area of the body.

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Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Body fat percentage

Do you want to calculate body fat percentage of your body? With our calculator you can do so by simply entering a series of parameters related to your age, height, current weight and gender.

Once you fill in these data, press the calculate button and you will be able to automatically obtain your PGC or, in other words, the percentage of body fat.

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Children's percentile calculator

Calculate children's percentiles

Below you have a children's percentile calculator for height and weight that has been developed taking into account the curves provided by the World Health Organization.

For calculate your child's percentiles, you only have to enter your weight, height, age and select whether it is a boy or a girl. When you press the calculate button, you will see the results obtained.

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BMI calculator for children

Calculate BMI in children

Calculate BMI in children is very important to quickly check that our child does not suffer from any type of weight-related problem, whether it is a question of thinness or having symptoms of obesity. In both cases, it is convenient to take the appropriate measures so that, as soon as possible, the child's body mass index is within healthy ranges.

To clarify a little more what is the Body Mass Index, BMI or BMI, it is a parameter that relates our weight in function of our height. Below you have a BMI calculator for children in which you can write their height in centimeters and weight in kilograms. Then just click on the calculate button and you will automatically get a numerical data that corresponds to the BMI value obtained.

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Calculate age

Calculate age

Do you want to calculate your exact age How many days are left until your birthday? Solve all your doubts with our age calculator.

Just enter your date of birth and click on the calculate button to know how old you are Have you ever wondered the age of a famous person? Find it out from the date they were born.

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Creatinine Clearance Calculator

Calculate creatinine clearance

Creatinine is a waste product that our muscles produce after a significant energy expenditure and as a waste product, our body tries to get rid of it through urine, so our kidneys play a fundamental role in the elimination of creatinine.

This process is known as creatinine clearance (CrCl) and is a widely used test for assess our renal function. In the event that creatinine levels are higher than recommended, our kidneys could be damaged.

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Rhythm calculator

Rhythm calculator

Someone running

Running, swimming and cycling are among the most popular sports activities in the world. most popular sports practiced todayAs a result, there are many athletes who train daily to prepare for races, marathons, duathlons or triathlons that combine the three disciplines in a single event.

With our online tools, we have dedicated a space to the runners, swimmers and cyclists who want to calculate their training pace from a series of simple data.

This is especially useful for proper planning of competitions and know in advance the pace you have to take to meet objectives, checkpoints, reach refreshment points, stages or any other area that affects our ranking in the race.

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Calculate heart rate

Heart rate calculator

Calculates the number of beats per minute you have right now in a simple way and without needing a heart rate monitor. To do this, we simply have to count the number of heartbeats we have for 10 seconds and, from there, we can calculate the heart rate in a simple and fast way thanks to the following online calculator:

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Smoking Cessation Calculator

Quit Smoking Calculator

One of the benefits of quitting smoking is the money savings from this unhealthy habit. If you are a smoker, you have become accustomed to paying exorbitant prices for tobacco on a frequent basis, but have you ever thought about how much you could save per year if you quit smoking?

It is clear that the best trick to quit smoking is to be mentally aware that our health will improve considerably, however, to see the money we could save If we manage to do so, it can be another interesting incentive. You can always invest the savings in a nice vacation or some other whim.

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Points Diet Calculator

Points Diet Calculator

The following is a list of points diet calculator so that you know the points you have available each day based on your physical conditions.

Unlike other diets, the points diet does not prevent us from going out to eat at restaurants or having the occasional treat during the week. consuming the points adequately we have on a daily basis and not to skip this fundamental rule. Below you will be able to calculate the points that correspond to you in your case:

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Calculate BMI

BMI Calculator

Calculate BMI It helps us to get an idea of whether we are at our ideal weight or if we need to make changes to improve our health.

The Body Mass Index is a parameter that relates our height to our weight, so we can know if we need to gain weight, lose weight or stay as we are.

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Calculate ideal weight

Ideal weight calculator

Calculate ideal weight

Do you want to calculate ideal weight? Thanks to this calculator you will be able to know if you are missing a few kilos to be at your perfect weight or you need to lose weight and do sports to improve your health. Remember that being at your ideal weight will not only keep you well physically but will also help you feel good about yourself, which will significantly improve your quality of life. Calculate your ideal weight now.

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