Rounding decimals online

Rounding decimal numbers is very easy but sometimes, we forget the rounding rules to apply. With our online rounding calculator, you can simplify any number by using the number of decimal places of your choice.

You only have to enter the number you want to roundEnter the number of decimal places you need and press the calculate button to obtain the result.

Decimal point rounding policy

Round decimals online

As we have mentioned before, to round a decimal number it is necessary to comply with a single rule that says that if the last decimal place is five or higher, the previous figure is increased by one unit. If it is less than five, it remains as is.

That is, if we want to simplify the number 1,456 so that it has two decimal places, it will look like this:

  • Without simplifying: 1,457
  • Simplified number: 1,46

On the other hand, if we have a quantity like 1.23 that we want to simplify to tenths, we have that:

  • Without simplifying: 1,23
  • Simplified number: 1,2

In both cases, we have looked at the value of the last decimal place and if it was equal to or greater than five, we have increased the immediately preceding figure by one unit.

Euro rounding rule

When we change pesetas to eurosIn addition, it was also necessary to apply a rounding procedure that follows the same regulations we have seen in the previous point.

You know that 1 euro is equal to 166.386 pesetas. but in reality, we only handle prices in euros to two decimal places. If we had a price of 600 pesetas, when we convert it to euros we see that:

600 pesetas / 166.386 = 3.60607

The smallest euro coin is 1 cent. (0.01 euros), therefore, we are obliged to round the above price. If we apply the rounding rules, we have that:

  • No rounding3.60607 euros
  • Rounded number3.61 euros

How to round numbers in excel

If you want to use Excel to round numbers automatically, you must use the Microsoft program's ROUND function.

To do this, choose a cell and type the following formula which will allow you to round numbers in Excel:


Please note that:

  • A1 corresponds to the cell containing the number with decimals that you want to round.
  • B2 is the number of decimal places you want the number to have. You can type in a number or select a cell in which you have typed the number of decimal places you need.

Rounding numbers in Excel

There is a alternative method for rounding numbers using Excel and that is to select the cell in which you have a number with decimals and go to the Format > Cells menu.

There select the number category and in the "Decimal places" field, enter the number of decimal places you want the number to have.

2 thoughts on “Redondeo de decimales online”

  1. Existe una regla de redondeo que dice que si al decimal le sigue una cifra impar, se redondea normalmente y se le agrega 1, pero si al decimal le sigue una cifra par, no se redondea. Es decir, si tenemos 3.285 quedaría redondeado a dos cifras decimales como 3.28, porque al 5 le sigue una cifra par y si tuviéramos 3.275 quedaría redondeado a dos cifras decimales como 3.28 porque al 5 le sigue una cifra impar. Mi problema es que esta calculadora no aplica esa regla y podría perjudicar a los que dependan de ella.

    • Hello Laura,

      La verdad que nunca había oido hablar de esa regla pero no tiene mucho sentido. Según lo que dices:

      – El número 3,289 quedaría redondeado a 3,28
      – El número 3,271 quedaría redondeado a 3,28

      Es decir, números con una diferencia de casi 0,02 se redondearían a la misma cifra, lo que supone un error de aproximación bastante grande.

      No sé dónde la habrás aprendido pero, al menos en España, esa regla no se utiliza y viendo el caso comentado, es lógico.

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