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Choosing a ring is a headache, that's why we've put together a complete list of the best rings to choose from. ring size guide so that you can calculate the correct measurement for your fingers in centimeters and its equivalence in other countries.

Just select the size in our ring size converter to automatically know its equivalence in the rest of the nomenclatures and if you still have doubts, keep reading because we will solve all the doubts you may have.

Tips on choosing the right ring size

Ring size converter

The ring must fit on the finger in a comfortable but snug fitThis way, we avoid being disturbed and it does not fall down with our daily movements.

When you go to a jewelry store to buy a ring, you should keep in mind that the size of your fingers can change depending on the temperature, state of health or even the time of day. Because of this, it is best to measure your finger at the end of the day. as they are warm and their size will be slightly larger than in the morning or when it is cold.

To avoid buying the wrong ring size, the ideal is to perform around three or four finger readings to compare them and eliminate the chances of buying the wrong size.

Buy a ring online or give it as a surprise gift

If you are going to buy a ring online and you have doubts about the size you should chooser, you can download this template to measure the size of a ring that you already have or that you have taken from the person for whom you want to prepare the gift.

You simply print that template as it comes (do not resize it) and measure the inside diameter of the ring on the different measurements on the sheet. When the size of the ring and the one on the template match, you will know that this is the correct size. If the ring is between two sizes, you should choose the larger size to avoid that the other one is too small and does not fit well on the finger.

If you want to buy rings online at the best price and of the best brands, do not hesitate to visit this Amazon deals section. Best of all, if you don't like the ring or want to exchange it, you can do so completely free of charge and at no cost to you.

Ring size chart

If you want to have a more global view of the equivalence between measurements, here is a ring size chart in which we collect the same information that offers our ring size converter but concentrated so that you can compare sizes or print the table if you consider it useful.

Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm) Spain Europa UK and Australia USA and Canada China Singapore and Japan Hong Kong Switzerland
44.214.1444F 1/2 36464
44.814.3545G 355.25
45.514.5545G 1/2 3.577.5
46.114.7646H 3.566.5
46.814.9747H 1/2 4879
47.415.1747I 497.75
4815.3848I 1/2 4.5810
48.715.5848J 4.59
49.315.7949J 1/2 510911
5015.91050K 510
50.616.11050K 1/2 5.5111012
51.216.31151L 5.511.75
51.916.51252L 1/2 612111312.75
52.516.71252M 61312
53.116.91353M 1/2 6.51314.514
53.817.11353N 6.514
54.417.31454N 1/2 7141615.25
55.117.51555O 715
55.717.71555O 1/2 7.5151716.5
56.317.91656P 7.516
5718.11757P 1/2 8171617.75
57.218.21757P 1/2 818
57.618.31858Q 8.5
58.318.51858Q 1/2 8.5181719
58.918.81959R 919
59.5191959R 1/2 9191820.5
60.219.22060S 92020.25
60.819.42161S 1/2 9.51922
61.419.62161T 9.52121.5
62.119.82262T 1/2 102023
62.7202262U 102221
63.420.22363U 1/2 10.5222422.75
6420.42464V 10.523
64.620.62464V 1/2 112325
65.320.82565W 112425
65.922666W 1/2 11.5252426
66.621.22666X 11.5
67.221.42767X 1/2 12262527.7527.5
67.821.62767Y 12
68.521.82868Z 12.52628.75
69.1222969Z 1/2 12.5
69.722.23070Z 1/2 132730
70.422.43171Z+1 13
7122.63272Z+2 13.5

If you still have doubts about choosing the right ring sizes for you, leave us a comment and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

25 thoughts on “Tallas de anillo”

    • Hello Cesar, if your finger measures 8.3 centimeters you will need to buy a very large size ring and it is likely that you have to have it made to measure because as you indicate, you can not find equivalence because it is an unusual finger size.

  1. Hello..., I have a question..., I am about to buy a ring that is available in 3 sizes: 1.5 cm, 2 cm and 2.3 cm (circumference measurement). I have measured my finger and it gives me 68 mm (6.8 cm), which one do you advise me that would fit me well?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Jorge, from what you say you have measured the contour of your finger, which makes you a ring with a diameter of about 2.1 centimeters in diameter.

      You are right in between the two largest sizes, which is a problem. Ideally, you should be able to try on the ring to find out for sure.

      If the 2 cm ring is too small, you will not be able to use it because the finger increases its size in hot weather, but maybe 2.3 centimeters is too much, since it is a ring size recommended for fingers around 70 millimeters.


  2. Hi, I'm Juan
    I was told at the jewelry store that my size is 23 but in some stores they don't put it that way they put it with letters and other measurements taken I wanted to buy a ring.but when I want to put my size I don't know how to do it because they put it with letters what do I have to do.

    • Hello Juan,

      None of the equivalences we offer are similar to that lettered measurement you say? It is very rare since we cover the most important ones.

      In any case, any store that sells rings should have a caliper to measure the diameter of the ring and recommend the size that best fits your finger.

  3. Good morning,

    I am contacting you because I can't find out what size UK ring I need:

    * The diameter of the one I have is 19/20mm on the inside, so it would correspond to a size T.
    * The circumference of the finger is 7cm which would correspond to a size Z+1.

    Either I'm doing it wrong or I'm not getting the equivalences right.

    Could you please help me? Thank you very much.

    Best regards.


    • Hi Javier,

      Have you used a caliper to measure your ring or finger? From 19 millimeters to 20 millimeters there is a world of difference when it comes to rings, 6 sizes difference to be exact.

      If you have a ring that fits you well, use it to know the size of the one you want to buy since measuring the finger often leads to inaccuracies (the area is irregular, the skin is flexible, the width of the finger changes throughout the day...).

      In any case, if the inside diameter of the one you have is 20 millimeters, the size that corresponds to you is the U, but it would be very important that you use a caliper to know the exact measurement.


  4. Good evening.

    Please, can you help me to know what is my engagement ring size in European size (France), my size in Peru is 5.5mm.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Natalia,

      So that there are no doubts of any kind, I recommend that you measure the circumference or diameter of the ring in millimeters, as this is an international unit that is the same for everyone.

      Once you know the ring size in millimeters, you will be able to know the size in Europe.


  5. Good night !
    I measured the ring with a sewing tape and around the circumference and it measures 7 cm, what size would it be? Thank you very much from Spain

    • Hi Anabel,

      Well, with that circumference, you would be between a size 30 or 31 ring according to the size in Spain. Ideally, you should be able to try it on to decide between one and the other.

      If you want to know the size in another standard or country, simply select a circumference of 70.4 or 69.7 in the size calculator.

      Greetings from Spain!

  6. hello how are you, I would like to know if measuring my finger with a sewing meter gives me 6 cm and a half how much is my finger for a ring.

    • Hi Danabey,

      With that finger size, you are somewhere between a size 24 or 25 ring. I recommend you try it on first to see which one you are more comfortable with.


  7. hello you know I measured my finger with a tape and I get that I have 7.5 cms but I don't know how to see the size, could you help me please.

    thank you in advance.

    • Hello Fabrizio,

      We only have ring sizes up to 7.1 centimeters. Since you are over the maximum limit, we have done some research and you would be a size 35 European or 15 US.


  8. Hello good evening I would like to know which ring to buy
    My partner measured with a meter and it was 6.3 cm.
    And my measurement is 5 cm what size would be in eeuu thank you

    • Hello Marcela,

      Your partner's ring size is 10.5. Yours is size 5. In both cases I am referring to the US size.


    • Hello Nerea,

      You have not specified which system your ring size 58 corresponds to (we assume the European one) but we cannot tell you the equivalent because we do not know how to calculate it. Do you want the equivalence in diameter, for some other country, in mm?


  9. I was measuring and wanted to see a ring for my thumb and I have 8.1 cms, and for another finger I have 7.5, what would be my conversion for these 2 fingers?

    • Hello Ismael,

      If you don't tell us what size ring you want to convert your measurements to, we can't help you. If you want to see for yourself, in the first column of the table you can look up your finger diameter and consult the equivalences.


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