Weeks of pregnancy to months calculator

Moving from weeks to months of pregnancy is very simple thanks to our online converter. You only have to indicate how long you have been pregnant in weeks and days and click on the calculate button to know the period in months.

Remember that the average length of pregnancy is 40 weeksThis is around 280 days, although as always, this time may be slightly earlier or later depending on each case. In any case, we will keep you informed about the development of your pregnancy week by week so you know the symptoms, changes that occur in your body and how your baby is growing.

Calculate due date

If you know the date you had your last period, you can calculate the due date from the link we have just left you.

You simply enter the approximate day on which you had your last period and from there, you will obtain the day on which you will give birth approximately.

First trimester of pregnancy

Weeks to months of pregnancy converter

The first trimester of pregnancy is undoubtedly the most exciting, especially if you are a first timer. You are in the phase in which everything is new to you, you start to have signs that you are pregnant and you need to have excess information to know the status of your baby and your body at all times.

Here you will find everything you need to know for your first weeks of pregnancy and the medical tests you need to undergo to make sure everything goes well.

First signs of pregnancy

Many women do not find out they are pregnant until the fourth week of pregnancy. delay in the period that sets off alarm bells. In these cases, the best thing to do is to buy a pregnancy test to confirm whether we are pregnant or not.

In addition to the lack of menstruation, other symptoms we get include clues that we are pregnant The most common symptoms are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, emotional changes, the appearance of the first cravings, increased sensitivity and size of the breasts or an increase in the number of times we go to the bathroom.

In short, a feeling of discomfort These are clear signs that we may be pregnant.

First weeks of pregnancy

Here are the links to let you know how your pregnancy evolves week by week. You simply have to enter each of them to know the symptoms you will have, the changes that occur in your body and how your baby develops.

Keep in mind that since you are in the first weeks of the gestation process, your body is preparing for what is to come, but visually, there are hardly any noticeable changes. There is hardly any fattening and the belly doesn't grow much but still, inside there are already a lot of new features. Discover them.

Second trimester of pregnancy

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the situation is beginning to stabilize. The symptoms soften or disappear and your body has already made the most important hormonal and structural changes, something that will allow us to start doing some moderate exercise.

Still, you should not neglect your dietmedical follow-up with the pertinent tests in each case, etc.

Symptoms during the second trimester of pregnancy

During this period, you are likely to suffer from any of the following symptoms:

  • ConstipationBowel activity may have decreased and as a result, the number of times you go to the bathroom to poop may also decrease. To alleviate this symptom, it is best to drink plenty of water, eat foods with fiber and exercise in moderation.
  • Back painAs you gain weight, your back begins to suffer. The pain is usually focused in the lower back. This is also due to a possible inflammation of the sciatic nerve so you should avoid bad posture, do moderate exercise and monitor that you are at the right weight.
  • Leg crampsDue to hormonal changes in your body, your blood circulation may have been altered and this may cause cramps in your legs while you sleep or lie down. To avoid this, you have to eat foods containing potassium, magnesium and of course, exercise to promote circulation in the legs.
  • HemorrhoidsRemember the first symptom of the second trimester of pregnancy was constipation? Well, hemorrhoids often come as part of the package. To avoid them or minimize discomfort, remember to eat foods that contain fiber.

Pregnancy evolution week by week in the second trimester

Below you will find a week-by-week monitoring of pregnancy during the second trimester What changes will your body and your baby undergo? Find out below.

Third trimester of pregnancy

Ya you are in the final stretch of your pregnancy so congratulations. Now you have to finalize the details before the delivery date.

Below you will find information about this stage of the gestation period in which you must follow a series of medical, dietary and other advice.

Symptoms during the third trimester of pregnancy

During these remaining three months, the most common symptoms you will have to deal with are as follows:

  • HeartburnThe last trimester is one in which heartburn pains intensify, which will force you to eat less food per day and avoid specific foods such as fried foods or coffee. Sleeping lightly in bed also relieves the pain.
  • FatigueYou are tired and your pregnancy is in its last phase, so now you should avoid standing, sleep a minimum of eight hours a day and rest whenever you consider it appropriate.
  • Restless legs syndromeis another discomfort more typical of the last stage of the gestation period and is relieved with some exercise and avoiding drinks such as coffee or other beverages that may contain caffeine.
  • Swelling of the feet and heaviness in the legsThe following symptoms: due to fluid accumulation, your feet or legs may have a permanent feeling of heaviness. Cold water and drinking water helps to keep you hydrated and reduce these symptoms.

Pregnancy week by week in the third trimester

Below you will find a weekly breakdown of the third trimester of your pregnancy in which you can learn in detail how your baby is growing, the symptoms that you will develop in each week, the medical tests you should have before giving birth and other useful tips that are worth knowing.

When you reach the end of this list, it will be because your baby has been born and you start a new stage in your life to enjoy the new member of the family.

How does our week by week pregnancy calculator work?

If you have any doubts about how to use our calculator for convert weeks to months of pregnancyIn this video we have recorded several practical examples so that you can see how to use it and what the data it provides mean.

This way you will know at all times how to calculate months of pregnancy and keep an exhaustive control of the time you have left to give birth. Going from weeks to months will no longer be a problem with this useful tool. No more having to do calculations and multiplications with the calculator for from weeks to months of pregnancy.

How to go from weeks to months

To change from weeks to months you must make the following division depending on whether the month has 28 days, 30 days or 31 days:

For months of 28 days: months = weeks / 4

For 30-day months: months = weeks / 4.29

For months of 31 days: months = weeks / 4.43

If the specific months of the year are not specified, we cannot know how many days they have, so in these cases, we will take as a general rule that they all have 30 days. For example, if we are asked to calculate how many months is 28 weekswe will do it this way:

28 / 4.29 = 6.52 months

Time passes and the week converter becomes a perfect tool to make transformations in months, days or weeks according to your needs. If you are pregnant, don't miss our pregnancy weeks to months converter. In it you can calculate the months you are pregnant and know all the details of the week of pregnancy in which you are.

Our tool will certainly help you to know how many months have elapsed. from a number of weeks and number of days specific. You can fill in both values or only one of them, so in this aspect there is flexibility so that you can use whichever is more convenient in each case. If what you need is a months to weeks converteryou will find one in the link we have just left you.

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