Pounds to kilograms

Do you need for a weight of pounds to kilograms and you don't know how to do it? Don't worry, our unit converter will do the hard work for you. Just enter the weight in pounds you want to convert to kilograms and click on the calculate button.

If you want to convert from Kg to pounds, don't worry because you can also do it from the following online calculator so that you can perform the reverse operation.

How many kilograms is 1 pound

The pound does not belong to the international system of units and for that reason, we do not usually remember its equivalence with respect to the kilogram, which is what we use the most in our day to day life. Below you can see how many kilograms a pound is equivalent to:

1 lb = 0.45359237 kg

As this equivalence is difficult to remember because of the amount of decimals, some people round off and say that 1 pound is half of 1 kilo. Logically, making this equality we lose a lot of precision in the conversion but if we have to make a quick calculation and we don't remember the equivalence and you can't access our kilos to pounds calculatoris a solution that can work for us.

How to go from pounds to kilos

Pounds to kilograms

From the expression we have seen in the previous point we can calculate a formula mathematics that allows us to perform the conversion in a simple way with a simple multiplication:

m(kg) = m(lb) × 0,45359237

As a practical example, let's move to kilograms at a weight of 7 pounds:

m(kg) = m(lb) × 0.45359237 = 7 lb x 0.45359237 = 3.18 Kg

How much is 150 pounds to kilograms? In this case the conversion is quite simple since we only have to move the decimal point one position to the right:

m(kg) = 150 lb × 0.45359237 = 68.04 Kg

Pounds to kilograms in Excel

If you have Excel installed on your computer, you can use it to create your own pounds to kilograms converter. In the video above you can see how to create it step by step although we leave here the formula to use for the conversion:


You only have to replace C5 with the coordinates of the cell in which you have written the amount of pounds to be converted to kilograms or if you prefer, you can write the amount directly there.

For example, let's calculate how much is 180 pounds to kilograms using the latter method:


Pounds to kilograms conversion table

Below we have compiled in a table more examples of conversion from pounds to kilograms. If you find it very useful, you can print this table and place it in a visible place to help you. Otherwise, you can always use our automatic converter, that's why we created it :)

Pounds (lbs)Kilograms (kg)Kilograms +Grams (kg+g)
0 lb0 kg0 kg 0 g
0.1 lb0.045 kg0 kg 45 g
1 lb0.454 kg0 kg 454 g
2 lb0.907 kg0 kg 907 g
3 lb1,361 kg1 kg 361 g
4 lb1,814 kg1 kg 814 g
5 lb2,268 kg2 kg 268 g
6 lb2,722 kg2 kg 722 g
7 lb3,175 kg3 kg 175 g
8 lb3,629 kg3 kg 629 g
9 lb4,082 kg4 kg 82 g
10 lb4,536 kg4 kg 536 g
20 lb9,072 kg9 kg 72 g
30 lb13,608 kg13 kg 608 g
40 lb18,144 kg18 kg 144 g
50 lb22,680 kg22 kg 680 g
60 lb27,216 kg27 kg 216 g
70 lb31,751 kg31 kg 751 g
80 lb36,287 kg36 kg 287 g
90 lb40,823 kg40 kg 823 g
100 lb45,359 kg45 kg 359 g
1000 lb453,592 kg453 kg 592 g

What is my weight in pounds?

If you have a digital scale, it will probably allow you to calculate your weight in pounds or kg. This is something that is usually set up the first time you turn it on so you may have to do a RESET or remove the batteries to force that setting back on.

If you just want to know your weight in pounds out of curiosity, enter your weight in kilograms in our converter and you will automatically get the equivalence in pounds.

1 Kilo to pounds

If you ask most of us how to convert kilograms to pounds, many of us will probably not know the answer. This is because the pound is not part of the international system of units and, therefore, we are not familiar with it.

In order to convert kilos to pounds it is imperative that we know that:

1 kg = 2.2046226262185 lb

It is no doubt difficult to remember how much 1 kilo is in pounds, so some people often use a mnemonic rule stating that 1 kilo equals 2 pounds. Obviously, this equivalence adds a lot of rounding error, but for a rough calculation it can be useful.

How to go from kilos to pounds

Kilos to pounds

From the equivalence that we have seen in the previous point, we can deduce a formula to convert from Kg to lb (pound nomenclature):

m(lb) = m(kg) / 0.45359237

By example,If we are going to convert 2 kg to pounds from the previous expression, we are going to convert 2 kg to pounds from the previous expression:

m(lb) = m(kg) / 0.45359237 = 2 Kg / 0.45359237 = 4.40924 lbs.

As can be seen, the process of convert kilograms to pounds is very simple but we have to remember the number to divide by, something we tend to forget easily.

Let's see another example in which we are going to transform 90 kilos to pounds:

m(lb) = 90 kilos / 0.45359237 = 198.416 lbs.

Convert kilos to pounds in Excel

If you want to create your own kilos to pounds converter, using Excel you can get it immediately. To get it, just follow the steps in the video above or complete the instructions below.

Open a new spreadsheet and type the following function in an empty cell:


You only have to change the word weight for the numeric amount of Kg that you want to convert to Lb. For example, 5 kilograms to pounds you would write it as follows:


Kilograms to pounds conversion table

Below is a table showing different conversions from kilos to pounds and the sum of pounds plus ounces. If you regularly work with these weight units, we recommend that you print this table and keep it in a visible place so that you always have it at hand:

Kilograms (kg)Pounds (lbs)Pounds + Ounces (lb + oz)
0 kg0 lb0 lb 0 oz
0.1 kg0.220 lb0 lb 3,527 oz
1 kg2,205 lb2 lb 3,274 oz
2 kg4,409 lb4 lb 6,548 oz
3 kg6,614 lb6 lb 9,822 oz
4 kg8,818 lb8 lb 13,100 oz
5 kg11,023 lb11 lb 0.370 oz
6 kg13,228 lb13 lb 3,644 oz
7 kg15,432 lb15 lb 6,918 oz
8 kg17,637 lb17 lb 10,190 oz
9 kg19,842 lb19 lb 13,470 oz
10 kg22,046 lb22 lb 0.740 oz
20 kg44,092 lb44 lb 1,479 oz
30 kg66,139 lb66 lb 2,219 oz
40 kg88,185 lb88 lb 2,958 oz
50 kg110,231 lb110 lb 3,698 oz
60 kg132,277 lb132 lb 4,438 oz
70 kg154,324 lb154 lb 5,177 oz
80 kg176,370 lb176 lb 5,917oz
90 kg198,416 lb198 lb 6,657 oz
100 kg220,462 lb220 lb 7,396 oz
1000 kg2204,623 lb2204 lb 9,962 oz

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