Points Diet Calculator

The following is a list of points diet calculator so that you know the points you have available each day based on your physical conditions.

Unlike other diets, the points diet does not prevent us from going out to eat at restaurants or having the occasional treat during the week. consuming the points adequately we have on a daily basis and not to skip this fundamental rule. Below you will be able to calculate the points that correspond to you in your case:

Basic rules of the stitch diet

Points Diet Calculator

  • As usual, consult your doctor before starting the diet.
  • Calculate the daily score you should take, there may be variations depending on your weight or physical activity.
  • Make a menu by selecting foods that meet the points you have available. Remember that it has to be a balanced diet and meet the basic needs of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
  • Eat five meals a day
  • Eat five pieces of fruit and vegetables
  • Drink two liters of water.
  • Decrease the amount of food at dinner and reinforce breakfast.
  • For every two foods with zero points, you must add one point to prevent you from eating fruits or vegetables indefinitely.
  • If you do sports, you will have more points every day
  • If you wish, you can save up to four points per day to spend on a special event. If you spend too many points one day, you must do without them the next day.

If you follow all of the above tips, the results you are after will surely come in the shortest possible time and you will soon be able to boast of your physical condition after having reached your goal. ideal weight.

Dot Diet Food Calculator

Food to make the stitch diet

Now that you have managed to calculate the points available to apply the points diet, you need to know how you can invest them properly in foods that suit your needs and allow you to maintain your weight or lose weight.

Below you have a calculator that will allow you to know the points that each food is worth according to its calories, fat or fiber:

Once we know the points you have available to comply with the points diet, now you have to calculate the points for each food.

Remember to make a good distribution of points and although you can indulge yourself, it is important to remember that you must keep proper control if you want to achieve results.

How to calculate the points of a food

To calculate the points for a food that is not listed below, you can use the following formula:

Points = (Calories/50)+(fat/12)-(fiber/5)

En "grasa" tendrás que poner la cantidad de gramos de grasa que tiene el alimento y en "fibra, tendrás que poner lo siguiente:

  • If it has more than 4 grams of fatyou will write a 4 (this is the maximum value)
  • If less than 4 gramsYou will put the amount of fiber that jumps in the food table of the meal.

Points diet table

Food calculator

Below you have a table that also ranks some foods according to their points. It has been divided into three different groups to make it easier to appreciate the score from least to most valuable.

Food from 0 to 2 points:

  • Vegetables: 0
  • Coffee and tea: 0
  • Juice: 1
  • Strawberries: 0
  • Orange: 0
  • Apples: 0
  • Honey : 0,50
  • Cluster of grapes: 1
  • Three slices of cooked ham: 1
  • One cookie: 1
  • Butter: 1
  • Skimmed yogurt: 1.5
  • Can of mussels 1,5
  • Burgos cheese: 1,5
  • Olives, 4 units: 1,5

As you can see, vegetables and fruits always have 0 points, so we can eat them as we please and benefit from their advantages.

Food from 2 to 4 points.

  • Pasta plate: 2
  • One egg : 2
  • Almonds: 2
  • A glass of semi-skimmed milk: 2
  • Poultry pâté: 2
  • Glass of wine: 2
  • Carbonated soft drinks: 2
  • One third of beer: 3
  • A glass of cava: 2.5
  • A glass of sangria: 2.5
  • A glass of horchata: 3,5
  • Potatoes: 2
  • A plate of hake: 2
  • A glass of vanilla flan: 2
  • One banana: 2
  • Chicken croquettes: 2
  • A plate of lentils: 2.5
  • One can of tuna: 2,5
  • Three slices of serrano ham: 3
  • Turkey sandwich: 3,5
  • Iberian sausage: 3,5
  • Popcorn: 3

Food of 4 or more points:

  • Ice cream cup: 4
  • Rice plate: 4
  • One slice of pizza: 4,5
  • Potato omelet: 5.5
  • A plate of mashed potatoes: 6
  • One portion of Russian salad: 7
  • Veal fillet: 8 points

I hope that with all the information we provide you with about the stitch diet, you will have the necessary material for reach your goal and lose weight to the pounds you've set your sights on. Remember that by staying within your ideal weightyou will achieve an enviable state of health.

How does the points diet calculator work?

Our points diet calculator takes into account several variables to determine the number of points that correspond to a person.

In total 6 factors influence the number of points scored, It is therefore advisable to be as honest as possible in your answers, since the success of the weight loss diet depends on it.

Correctly fill in your gender, weight, height, age, activity level and the purpose of the points diet (to lose or maintain weight) and automatically you will get the amount of points that you can spend throughout the day between all meals.

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