Perimeter of a scalene triangle

Do you have to calculate the perimeter of a scalene triangle? Use our calculator to perform this operation automatically.

You simply have to enter the dimensions of each side of the scalene triangle and click on the calculate button to obtain the value of its perimeter:

How to get the perimeter of a scalene triangle

Scalene triangle

Calculating the perimeter of a scalene triangle is very simple. It is simply necessary to know that this type of triangles are characterized by having all its different sidesso that we can calculate the perimeter of the figure by adding the lengths of each of its three sides:

Perimeter of scalene triangle = a + b + c

Like solved example, let's assume that we have a scalene triangle with sides a = 6 cm, b = 10 cm and c = 14 cm:

Perimeter = a + b + c = 3 + 5 + 7 = 30 centimeters.

How to calculate the area of a scalene triangle

Perimeter of a triangle

The method for calculate the area of a triangle scalene triangle does not change at all with respect to any other triangle. For that reason, we recommend that you enter the link that we have just left you and in which you will find we explain the different methods that exist to obtain the area of this three-sided polygon.

Characteristics of a scalene triangle

There are a number of traits that help us to identify easily when a triangle is scalene. Let's see what their characteristics are:

  • All its sides are different and this
  • As a consequence of the previous point, the scalene triangle has all its angles are distinct.
  • It is an irregular polygon (due to the two previous points).

Types of scalene triangles

Types of scalene triangles

Depending on the angles of a scalene triangle, we can classify them into:

  • Acute-angled scalene triangleall its angles are acute, i.e., less than 90º.
  • Rectangular scalene trianglehas a right angle (90º). The rest of the angles have different measures.
  • Obtuse-angled scalene triangleOne of the angles is obtuse, that is, it measures more than 90º but less than 180º.

Remember that the sum of the three angles of the triangle is 180 degrees.

2 thoughts on “Perímetro de un triángulo escaleno”

  1. And if you do not give me any data the problem says find the perimeter of a triangle knowing that there are 3 consecutive numbers there how would you aria thanks

    • Hi Jared,

      In that case, you can assume any value. That is, if they are consecutive, it can be a triangle whose sides measure 10cm, 11cm and 12cm respectively.

      In this case, the sum of the perimeter would be 33 centimeters.


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