Percentage to decimal

Transforms any percentage to decimal number with our online tool. Simply enter the percentage value you want to convert to decimal format and press the calculate button.

If you need it, we also have at your disposal another tool for change from decimal to percentage which works in the same way but allows perform the opposite operation to the one you will find here.

How to convert from percentage to decimal?

Percentage to Decimal Calculator

The calculation is very simple. Just keep in mind that when we talk about percentage, we have made a division of 100 units in such a way that:

  • 1% = 1/100 = 0,01
  • 5% = 5/100 = 0,05
  • 10% = 10/100 = 0,1
  • 35% = 35/100 = 0,35
  • 50% = 50/100 = 0,5
  • 100% = 100/100 = 1
  • 336% = 336/100 = 3,36
  • 5,67% = 5,67/100 = 0,0567

In short, to convert a percentage to decimal format you only have to divide by 100 and you will get the result.

As you can see, the process is very simple and hardly entails any difficulty since, as you know, when dividing by 100, what you have to do is to divide by 100. we are moving the decimal point two positions to the left, something they teach us to do at school since elementary school so that we can become fluent in multiplications and divisions of powers of 10.

This method is also valid for change from percentage to fraction. In some cases, it will be irreducible and in others, we can simplify the numerator and denominator several times until there is no longer any common factor between them.

How to convert from percentage to decimal in excel

There is a very simple way to convert a percentage to decimal using excel. Simplemente tienes que ir al menú Formato > Celdas y configurarlas dentro de la categoría "Número" asegurándote de seleccionar la cantidad de posiciones decimales que te van a hacer falta.

Percentage to decimal in excel

By doing this, when you type 90% in a cell, it will automatically change to decimal format and will be displayed as 0.90. Easy, isn't it? This method is usually valid for other programs that use spreadsheets (Google Spreadsheets, for example).

Undoubtedly, it is sometimes very useful transforming a percentage into a number decimal. Thus we get a numerical factor that we can use in different ways. For example, if we are told that sales have increased by 200%, we get a multiplication factor of 2.

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