Panty Size Equivalency Calculator

After having solved all your doubts to find out what is your bra size Now it's the turn of the panties. This undergarment also has different sizing depending on the country in which it has been manufactured so it could create confusion at a certain time such as online shopping.

For these cases, our panty size equivalence calculator will offer you all the possible combinations for the different most common territories, you can even calculate your ideal size by simply entering your waist or hip circumference in centimeters.

Types of panties

Panty size converter

In the underwear stores you will find different panty models which we detail below so that you know what each one of them is like.

Brazilian panties

It is a type of panty that is characterized by being wide at the front and having a v-shape at the back. It is a very showy model that is characterized by enhances the hips so if yours are excessively wide, they may not be the most advisable.

Girdle panty

The girdle panty offers a great comfort and thanks to its compressionThe low-cut, slimming effect on our figure. Aesthetically they are not very pretty as they are very high in the front and back but for days when you feel bloated, they are very comfortable.

Normal panties

This is the common panties of a lifetime that you can find in a wide variety of materials, colors, textures and decorations. The most common is that they are made of cotton so that the skin transpires well and avoids the accumulation of humidity that may cause discomfort to the intimate parts.

Bikini bottoms

It is a variation of the normal panties in which the upper part rises a little higher than normal but it still covers the butt in its entirety.


It is a very popular undergarment because it covers the front part of the body, but it also covers the back part of the body. leaves the buttocks fully exposedavoiding the appearance of those annoying marks on tight-fitting clothes.

In turn, we can find in the market different types of thong in which varies a little design and, especially, the area of the back lace that can become a very thin thread unnoticeable. That already depends on taste and the ease of adapting to the thong.

Panty size equivalence chart

Below you have a table showing different panty sizes that you will find in the stores. The most common nomenclature is based on the use of letters, but in other cases numbers are still used, but we do not know exactly what they mean.

With this table and our tool, you will eliminate all your doubts.

Waist (cm)Hip (cm)ESP/FRA/POREURUK
618736 / XS34 / XSXS
669238 / S36 / SS
719740 / M38 / MM
7610242 / L40 / LL
8110744 / XL42 / XLXL
8611246 / XXL44 / XXLXXL

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You're sure to find a bargain that's worth your while.

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