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Running, swimming and cycling are among the most popular sports activities in the world. most popular sports practiced todayAs a result, there are many athletes who train daily to prepare for races, marathons, duathlons or triathlons that combine the three disciplines in a single event.

With our online tools, we have dedicated a space to the runners, swimmers and cyclists who want to calculate their training pace from a series of simple data.

This is especially useful for proper planning of competitions and know in advance the pace you have to take to meet objectives, checkpoints, reach refreshment points, stages or any other area that affects our ranking in the race.

Calculate running pace

Rhythm calculator

If you go running, this running pace calculator will be a very useful tool to know your running pace. exact time it takes you to run 1000 meters. 

You know that the first kilometers are not as easy to run as the last ones, but by knowing the time you have been running and the distance you have run, we can calculate a average of your running pace.

Running is in fashion, a trend that has hit hard and that, far from dissipating, is encouraging more and more people to buy their running shoes and running to explore their city, mountains or parks using their feet as a means of transportation.

If you are thinking about signing up for a race, with our race pace calculator you will be able to plan well the time you should spend to run each kilometer of the race. Just enter the distance in meters, the time it will take and click on the calculate button.

Types of careers

Running pace calculator

If you have taken a good look at our tool to calculate your running pace, you will see that at the top of the tool there is a selector with four types of tests.

Depending on which one you choose, you will be automatically filling in the distance you should run as you know, all of them differ precisely in that, in the length:

  • 5KThis is the race for everyone, mainly because it is relatively easy to finish (even if it is walking). Its name refers to its length of 5,000 meters or 5 kilometers and if you are just starting out in the world of running, this is the race you have to start with. Bigger challenges will come later.
  • 10KWhen the 5K is too short, we will double the distance until we reach the 10K (10,000 meters). Although it is a physical test that many runners overcome with relative ease, it requires a worked physical condition if we do not want to reach the end of the course with our tongues hanging out.
  • Half Marathon21,097 meters are already beginning to sound important and no doubt, the first time we face a half marathon our mouths will be full of illusion, even at the end of the horizon we can see that the next test you have a shot is the marathon with just over 42 kilometers.
  • MarathonThe first part of the race: ahead of us we will have 42,195 meters to complete, a considerable distance that is only advisable to face when we are in an enviable physical condition.

If you plan to renewing your running shoes or clothing with which you go running, in this running store you will find everything you need to practice your favorite sport.

Remember that running with good shoes is vital to prevent damage to your joints, so even though they are expensive, they are an investment that will pay off from the moment you put your foot on the court.

Swimming pace calculator

In case your thing is the pool and move like a fish in the water, we have also developed a tool similar to the previous one but specially designed for those who practice the sport of swimming, so our swimming pace calculator is born.

Again, we use the distance swum and the training time to calculate your swimming pace, i.e, the time it takes you to swim 100 meters. 

Swimming Calorie Calculator

You may want to calculate the calories expended during your swimming workout. In this case we have another calculator that will be very useful to know the Kcal consumed while you have been in the pool.

In this case what you have to do is to select whether you are a man or a woman, marking the swimming style you have been training and the total time of the session (if you have been an hour and a half you can put 1 hour and 30 minutes).

When you have it, press the calculate button and you will get the total time you have been swimming in hours and the calories burned.

It is important for you to keep in mind that the values of the calories burned in swimming are approximate and the final result depends on many factors that are impossible to control exactly. If you want to know your exact physical condition you should contact a medical specialist.

How can I know the distance I have swum?

Garmin Vivoactive

To know the distance we have swum in meters, we can use several methods.

The first of these methods is a bit by eye. If we train in an Olympic-size pool, we know that every length we swim is 50 meters. From there, we simply keep track of how many lengths we have done and multiply to get the final number of meters.

If we want something more advanced and precise, we can turn to technology to take the worry out of keeping accounts. You can buy an activity wristband and let it be the one that informs us of our daily activity, in addition, this type of devices not only serve for swimming but also, the vast majority also records our daily activity (steps we take, distance we travel, calories burned) and sleep.

The price of the activity bracelets is quite inexpensive in most cases and the data they record can be more than sufficient for the vast majority of users.

Finally, there are more complete options based on smart watches with GPS included. Again, they are compatible with multiple sports disciplines although in these cases, we have as a downside the price and the autonomy is usually much lower than the activity bracelets.

Calculate average speed in cycling

We finish this section with a calculator for cyclists. Thanks to it you will be able to easily calculate the average speed of your route. If you are one of those who put big chainring and small sprocket (unless you wear single chainring hehehe), in that case you will be interested in calculating this data.

If the bicycle has become an extension of your body and you have you have the saddle brand tattooed on your buttock left, it means you spend more time riding your bike than you do at home.

If you have reached such high levels of training, it is likely that you also participate in races and events in which there are a lot of kilometers ahead, a lot of positive slope and a time to beat. For these cases, it is best to plan the competition well and know in advance the pace you should follow to get a more general idea of the average speed you should be going for the entire route.

With our cycling pace calculatorJust enter the distance you have to cycle, the total time to cycle and that's it. After pressing the calculate button you will get the average speed you have to maintain.

How to plan a cycling race well

Signal with bicycle

A very common mistake when facing the first time trial is to get carried away. We have just started, we are strong and we see that we are ahead of everyone. At that moment we think that we are the masters of cycling and that we are in better physical condition than anyone else but nothing could be further from the truth.

If you do this, it is more than likely that in the middle of the test you'll have a panic attack and everything will turn against you. You'll set sail mode and pedal by inertia, but at the slightest slope, you'll collapse because you're exhausted. Always forces have to be dosedThe race is a very fast one, with a more or less controlled pace and a more or less controlled attack at the end, which is when people start to run out of energy reserves.

If the route is very demanding, it is very important to hydrate adequately and take bars every two hours of exercise (or when our body asks for it). There are some gels that also comply, there are even models that carry caffeine to give extra energy.

If you want to save money when it comes to buy accessories for your bike or complements for you, this Amazon Cycling Store is one of the best options for buying knick-knacks.

They have helmets, camelbaks, bottles, inner tubes, tires, chains, components of all types and at competitive prices. We know that something always falls so at least it should cost us as little as possible.

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