Ounces to pounds

Change ounces to pounds is a fairly frequent operation if we take into account the relationship between both weight units. As we work with a greater number of ounces, it becomes necessary to make the leap to a larger unit such as the pound.

In our ounces to pounds converter just enter the weight in oz you want to convert to lb and press the calculate button to get the result you are looking for.

How to convert from ounces to pounds

Ounces to pounds

To convert ounces to pounds we must know that one ounce is equal to one-sixteenth of one poundThis is expressed below in numerical form:

1 oz = (1/16) lb = 0.0625 lb

From the above, it is easy to deduce that in order to transform a weight from ounces to pounds we have to divide by 16which you can see in the following formula:

m(lb) = m(oz) / 16

By example,Let's find out how many pounds is 14 ounces:

m(lb) = m(oz) / 16 = 14 ounces / 16 = 0.875 lbs.

How many ounces is one pound

As we have seen in the previous point, one ounce equals 0.0625 pounds.

How to convert from ounces to pounds in Excel

Excel allows to convert from ounces to pounds through a specific function that has this form:


Just type it in a free cell of your spreadsheet and make sure you modify the C3 coordinate we have put in the example by the one you need. With this method, you will get your own calculator to convert from ounces to pounds automatically.

If you are only going to perform a conversion, you can type the number of ounces you want to convert to pounds directly in the formula. We show you with an example in which we are going to convert 8 ounces to pounds with Excel:


If you have doubts about how the conversion is done, we recommend you to watch the video above these lines, in which we show you how to do it. how to convert from ounces to pounds using Excel.

Table of equivalence of ounces to pounds

In order to make it clearer the correspondence between ounces and poundsBelow you have a table of equivalence of these two weight units so that if you wish, you can print it and always have it at hand.

Ounces (oz)Pounds (lbs)
0 oz0 lb
0.1 oz0.00625 lb
1 oz0.0625 lb
2 oz0.1250 lb
3 oz0.1875 lb
4 oz0.2500 lb
5 oz0.3125 lb
6 oz0.3750 lb
7 oz0.4375 lb
8 oz0.5000 lb
9 oz0.5625 lb
10 oz0.6250 lb
20 oz1,2500 lb
30 oz1,8750 lb
40 oz2,5000 lb
50 oz3,1250 lb
60 oz3,7500 lb
70 oz4,3750 lb
80 oz5,0000 lb
90 oz5,6250 lb
100 oz6,2500 lb
1000 oz62,5000 lb

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