From ounces to kilograms

Do you need to convert one peso into ounces to kilograms? With our online calculator, you can obtain this conversion automatically and without errors. Just enter the number of ounces you want to convert to kilograms and click the calculate button to get the result you are looking for.

If what you want is to perform the opposite conversion, we also have at your disposal a tool that will allow you to from kilograms to ounces.

How many kilos is one ounce

Ounces to Kilos

Moving from ounces to kilograms can be more difficult than we think because it is not common to remember to how many kilos an ounce has. To refresh your memory, we leave the data below:

1 oz = 0.02834952 kg

It is clear that the equivalence of kilograms and ounces is not easy to remember and therefore, we are going to give you more details about this conversion in order to make the calculation from kg to ounces as easy as possible.

How to convert from ounces to kilograms

Once we know how many kilograms an ounce is, we can deduce the mathematical formula we have to apply to pass any quantity of kilograms to ounces:

m(kg) = m(oz) × 0,02834952

By example,we are going to convert 2 oz to kilograms:

m(kg) = m(oz) × 0.02834952 = 2 oz x 0.02834952 = 0.056699 Kilograms.

100 ounces to kilograms

Let's look at another example in which we will convert 100 ounces to kilograms applying the formula of the previous point:

m(kg) = m(oz) × 0.02834952 = 100 oz x 0.02834952 = 2.834952313 Kilos

In this case, the conversion from ounces to kilograms is simple because when multiplying by 100, we only have to move the decimal point two positions to the right.

Convert ounces to kilograms in Excel

Now that we know how to convert from ounces to kilogramsIn the next step, we are going to create our own converter using Excel, so that we will not have to perform any operations since the Microsoft program will take care of everything.

For convert from ounces to kilograms with ExcelTo do this, just type the following formula in an empty cell of a spreadsheet:


With this simple step, the number you type in the coordinate cell C3 will convert the weight of ounces to kilograms automatically.

If you prefer, you can also type the number of ounces you want to convert to kilograms directly in the formula. For example, if you want to convert 100 ounces to kilograms with Excelyou must write the formula like this:


If you still have doubts about how to use Excel for calculate the equivalence of ounces to kilogramsYou can watch the video we have recorded or leave us a comment and we will help you as soon as possible.

Table of equivalence of ounces to Kg

For further references on the conversion from ounces to kilogramsBelow is a table of equivalence with these two weight units so that you can print it out and put it somewhere so that it will be useful to you:

Ounces (oz)Kilograms (kg)
0 oz0 kg
0.1 oz0.002835 kg
1 oz0.02835 kg
2 oz0.05670 kg
3 oz0.08505 kg
4 oz0.11340 kg
5 oz0.14175 kg
6 oz0.17010 kg
7 oz0.19845 kg
8 oz0.22680 kg
9 oz0.22515 kg
10 oz0.28350 kg
20 oz0.56699 kg
30 oz0.85049 kg
40 oz1.13398 kg
50 oz1.41748 kg
60 oz1,70097 kg
70 oz1.98447 kg
80 oz2.26796 kg
90 oz2.55146 kg
100 oz2.83495 kg
1,000 oz28.34952 kg

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