Neperian logarithm calculator

Calculating a neperian logarithm o logaritmo natural es muy sencillo gracias a nuestra calculadora online. Recuerda que el logaritmo neperiano es aquel cuya base es el número 'e', por lo tanto, podemos decir que el logaritmo neperiano de un número x es el exponente al que debe ser elevado el número 'e' para obtener dicho número, o lo que es lo mismo, the exponential function.

How to clear the neperian logarithm of an equation

Neperian logarithm calculator

For clear the neperian logarithm of an equationyou have to apply the exponential function to both sides of the equality.

For example, imagine that you start from the following equation and you want to clear ln(x):

y = ln(x)

Applying the exponential function on both sides, we have:

ey = eln(x)

Like the exponential function and the neperian logarithm can be simplified with each otherthen we are left with:

x = ey

If the equation is more complicated, obviously it will be more difficult to clear the unknown in which the neperian logarithm is located, but in short, this would be the procedure to be performed to clear it.

Neperian logarithm of 1

By definition, the neperian logarithm of x (ln x) is equal to the potencia a la que debemos elevar el número 'e' para obtener x.

Therefore, if we want to calculate the neperian logarithm of 1, es decir, ln(1), tenemos que encontrar una potencia que al elevar el número 'e', nos de como resultado 1. Esto nos condiciona el resultado a una única opción:

e0 = 1

And as you may already know, any number raised to zero is equal to 1.

Therefore, we have that ln (1) = 0. The neperian logarithm of 1 is 0.

Neperian logarithm of 1437

We have received many e-mails from you asking us what is the neperian logarithm of 1437. Using our calculator we can see that:

ln (1437) = 7.27

Let's do the demonstration seen in the first point to check that the result obtained is the right one:

7,27 = ln (1437)

e7,27 = eln(1437)

1437 = e7,27

Indeed, the equality is fulfilled and we have demonstrated that the ln of 1437 is 7.27.

What is the natural logarithm of e?

The natural logarithm of e is equal to 1. how did we calculate it? Let's see it step by step as in the previous examples:

1 = ln (e)

e1 = eln(e)

e = e1

How to calculate the Neperian logarithm in Excel

If you wish, you can use Excel for calculating the neperian logarithm of a number. To do this, you must use the LN function that will give you the result you are looking for.

For solving neperian logarithms with ExcelIf you have a cell, you simply take a cell and type the following function:


Remember that A1 is the cell in which you have written the number for which you want to calculate its neperian logarithm or if you prefer, you can substitute the cell coordinates and write the quantity directly between the parentheses.

If you have doubts about how to solve neperian logarithms in Excel, you can take a look at the video we have recorded and in which we perform several examples to see how to use the LN function in Microsoft's spreadsheet program.

If you want to calculate the logarithm of a number in any baseyou can do it with our other logarithm calculator which will allow you to select the specific value of the base, be it ten or any other.

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