Multiply fractions online

Multiplying fractions is very simple. To achieve this, we simply need to know that the numerator of the resulting fraction is the multiplication of the numerators and the same for the denominator.

If you want to avoid the previous operation, our fraction multiplication calculator allows you to perform the relevant calculations automatically and obtain the result in irreducible fraction format. Simply enter a fraction in each field, press the calculate button and you are done.

How to multiply fractions?

Example of multiplying fractions

To multiply fractions we have to multiply the numerators together and repeat the same for the denominators.

In the example we have proposed, we have done exactly what we have just told you, but let's see it step by step to make it clearer:

  1. Multiply the numerators9 and 2, which when multiplied together give us 18
  2. We multiply the denominators: 6 x 6 = 36

As a result, we have a final fraction of 18/36 which we can simplify even further to make it irreducible, finally we get the fraction 1/2.

Multiplying fractions by whole numbers

Multiplying fractions by whole numbers is a simple operation. You can represent that whole number as a fraction by putting 1 as the denominator, that is, the number 3 is equal to the fraction 3/1.

Considering the above, we can multiply fractions by integers following this procedure:

  1. We multiply the numerator by the whole number
  2. We keep the denominator the same
  3. Calculate the irreducible fraction if applicable

For example, let's multiply the fraction 1/2 by the whole number 3:

3 x 1/2 = 3/2

And now another solved exercise in which we will obtain the result as an irreducible fraction:

8 x 14/10 = 112/10 = 56/5

Considerations when multiplying fractions

Fraction Multiplication Calculator

Unlike subtraction of fractions or addition, we do not need the denominators to be equal to perform the multiplication.

Another very important point is that we must not confuse multiplying fractions with dividing them.. To divide fractions we are multiplying in a cross while in the multiplication operation, we are multiplying in a line. This is a common mistake because the multiplication symbol confuses us by representing a cross, but this does not mean anything, remember that.

Calculator for multiplying fractions

As you can see, our online calculator to multiply fractions has a very simple operation. You only have to type each fraction in one of the available boxes and press the calculate button to obtain the result.

If you have Excel on your computer, you can also create your own Excel tool for the multiplication of fractions. To do this, open a new spreadsheet and select two empty cells (A1 and A2 for example) to change their formatting to Three-digit fraction.

When you have made the change, write in each cell the fraction you want to multiply. Then go to a new cell and type in the following formula:


If everything went well, Excel will offer you the result obtained by that multiplication of fractions.

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