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Do you need a online morse translator? With our tool you will be able to convert a text to Morse code immediately, which is especially useful if you want to encode a message in this language based on the representation of lines and dots.

The operation of the morse code translator is very simple. You only have to type a word or phrase you want to translate, press the button to make the conversion and that's it. On the screen you will see the equivalence in Morse code and a detailed explanation that will show you character by character how it has been done.

History of Morse code

Morse code dates back to 1830 and was invented by Alfred Vail in collaboration with Samuel Morse. that developed the electric telegraph. That is to say, while Alfred Vail devised this language of dots and dashes, Samuel Morse validated and patented it together with the telegraph that would serve to transmit texts over long distances by means of this language.

Discover how letters and words are represented in this language whose use has been reduced to very specific uses today.

How Morse code works

As we have already seen, the Morse language is based on a representation by dots and lines which can be transformed into light or audible signals, taking into account the following:

  • The point is considered a unit of time equal to 1/25 seconds. It is called a short signal.
  • The line is considered as three units and is called long signal.
  • Spaces between letters are 3 points
  • Spaces between words are 5 points

Taking these rules into account, it is possible to deciphering the morse code message knowing the alphabet you will find below.

Logically it is not easy to learn Morse and the first few times it is very difficult but once you train your hearing or sight, you can pick up the messages in real time.

If during the retransmission of a message If a mistake is made, the way to correct it consists of transmitting a specific signal which consists of six echoes (letter E) distributed in groups of two so that they can be easily identified to know when they are retransmitted again.

Morse code alphabet

Below you have the Morse alphabet in which all the letters of our alphabet and some of the most common symbols are contemplated.

A· —N— ·0- - - - -
B- - - -Ñ- - - - -1- - - - -
C- - - -O- - -2- - - - -
CH- - - -P- - - -3- - - - -
D- - -Q- - - -4- - - - -
E-R- - -5- - - - -
F- - - -S- - -6- - - - -
G- - -T-7- - - - -
H- - - -U- - -8- - - - -
I· ·V- - - -9- - - - -
J- - - -W- - -.- - - - - -
K- - -X- - - -,- - - - - -
L- - - -Y- - - - ?- - - - - -
M— —Z- - - -"- - - - - -

How to translate text to Morse and vice versa

Morse alphabet

From the above alphabet it is very easy to translate text to Morse code or vice versa. Just go letter by letter and transcribe to its equivalent in Morse code.

If we are given a text encoded in Morse, we will have to do the opposite. That is, look for the patterns of lines and dots that correspond to a particular letter and that's it. The procedure is tedious but simple.

SOS in morse code

Even if you don't know Morse code, it is very important that you remember the SOS or distress message sequence because it may one day save your life.

This message consists of three short pulses, three long pulses and three short pulses, i.e:

. . . - - - . . .

There are many flashlights or mobile applications that are already able to reproduce the distress sequence in a luminous way but if you want to know how it is done, we strongly recommend you to watch the video above these lines.

If you ever come across such a sign, we recommend that you call 112 or emergency telephone number in your country as there may be a person in danger who needs help and you can save his or her life.

We hope that the information we have provided here has helped you and that we have at least aroused your curiosity about a way of transmitting messages that was used when there was no communications infrastructure as there is today.

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    • Thank you very much for your comment Mila. We hope our Morse translator has helped you a lot and if you have any questions, we are here to serve you.


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