Month to week converter

If you want a months to weeks converterOur online tool will allow you to calculate the number of weeks in a given number of months and days.

This is especially useful when we want to know the number of weeks in a year or other particular cases. If you need to convert weeks to months, you will find a tool in the link below. And if you are pregnant, here you can calculate the months of pregnancy from the number of weeks of gestation.

How many weeks are there in a month?

As a general rule, a month has a minimum of 4 weeks (28 days as in the case of February). For the rest of the cases we have:

  • Months with 30 daysThere are 4.29 weeks or, in other words, 4 weeks and 2 days.
  • Months with 31 daysThere are 4.43 weeks or 4 weeks and 3 days.

From this data, we will be able to convert months to weeks more easily.

How to go from months to weeks

For from months to weeks you can make a quick calculation from the number of weeks in a month. If we do not want to overcomplicate, we can generalize and make all the months of the year have 30 days. The result will not be exact to 100% but it will be an approximation that can be useful in most cases.

To do it this way, you just have to solve the following multiplication:

weeks = number of months x 4.29

For example, if we want to calculate the number of weeks in a year:

sem = 12 x 4.29 = 51.48 weeks

Taking all months with 30 days, we have obtained a result of 51.48 weeks while a year is actually 52.17 weeks. The approximation has worked quite well but if we want an accurate 100% result, we must treat the months with 30 days and the months with 31 days individually. Let's repeat the calculation of the number of weeks in a year but this time exactly.

number of weeks of months with 30 days = 4 x 4.29 = 17.16 weeks

number of weeks of the months with 31 days = 7 x 4.43 = 31.01 weeks

In the case of February, we have already seen that it is exactly 4 weeks (as long as the year is not a leap year). Now we add all the data we have and we obtain:

number of weeks in a year = 4 + 17.16 + 31.01 = 52.17 weeks

Now yes, we have gone from months to weeks in an accurate way and the result obtained is as expected. If we are asked to calculate the number of weeks in 9 months without specifying what they areThe general rule is to take all months as having 30 days. In this example, in 9 months there are 38.61 weeks although in the case of pregnancy, it is always 40 weeks.

How does the months to weeks converter work?

Month to week converter

Our weeks to months converter assumes that a month is composed of 30 daysi.e., it does not take into account months such as February or those with 31 days.

To perform a more precise adjustment, the days field will allow you to add these particular cases to further refine the result. For example, if we want to calculate the number of weeks in a year, we have to take into account that:

  • February has 28 days, which is two days less than the usual 30 that the converter takes into account.
  • There are 7 months with 31 days, i.e., 7 days

Based on the above, for calculate the number of weeks in a year We would have to enter a total of 12 in the months box. As for the days box, we would have to enter the value of 5 days, which is the result of subtracting the 7 days of the months with 31 days from the 2 days less than February.

After clicking the calculate button, you will see that the result is 52.14 weeks, corresponding to 52 weeks and one day which is exactly what a non-leap year has.

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