Minutes to seconds

From minutes to seconds is easy, we all know how to do it but it requires a calculator if we want agility in the change of these time units. Our online calculator will allow you to convert minutes to seconds in a very simple way.

You only have to enter the number of minutes you want to convert to seconds and press the calculate button to obtain the equivalence. If you want to make the inverse change, we also have the corresponding seconds to minutes converter which works in the same way as this one.

How to go from minutes to seconds

Minutes to seconds

Changing from minutes to seconds is easier than you think. We already know that 1 minute has 60 secondsTherefore, we can derive an expression that allows us to convert any number of minutes to seconds.

t = mins x 60

For example, let's convert the figure of 80 minutes to seconds by applying the above formula:

t = 80 mins x 60 = 4800 secs.

To remember the change you just have to be clear that 1 minute contains 60 secondsTherefore, you need to multiply by that number to make the transformation. It is very easy and if you have doubts, you can always resort to our online converter that does it automatically for you and without errors.

How many seconds are there in 5 minutes?

So that there is no doubt about how to change from minutes to seconds, let's go to calculate how many seconds there are in 5 minutes.

To obtain the result, we apply the formula we have seen in the previous point and we obtain that:

t = 5 min x 60 = 300 seconds

Therefore, we have just verified that in 5 minutes there are 300 seconds.

Minute to second converter in Excel

Minute to second converter in Excel

If you want to create your own minutes to seconds converterwe are going to show you how to do it in Excel.

The only thing you have to do is to open a spreadsheet and write in an empty cell the following function that allows you to switch from min to sec with the Microsoft spreadsheet program:


All you have to do is sustituir la palabra "minutos" por la cantidad de min you want to convert to sec. Another option is to write the coordinates of another cell in which you have set the time in minutes, so that every time you modify its value the conversion will be done automatically.

For example, if we want to calculate how many seconds there are in 15 minutesthe function will be written like this:


Once typed, press the ENTER key to know the result. In this case, we can see that in 15 minutes there are 900 seconds.

Minutes to seconds table

The following is a list of table of equivalence of minutes to secondsso you can have a wide variety of references to make conversions without the need of a calculator. If you find it useful, you can always print it and remember, follow us on our social networks or share this post and you will help us to keep growing.


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