Millimeters to feet

Use our millimeter to feet converter to work with both units of length easily and without additional calculations. Simply enter the distance in millimeters that you want to convert to feet and then click on the calculate button.

At your disposal we also have a converter to convert from feet to millimeters, a conversion that is perhaps more common if you live in European countries where we use the international system of units. Just select it in the following tool

How many millimeters is a foot

For convert millimeters to feet, you simply need to know how many millimeters a foot is:

1 foot = 304.8 millimeters

How to go from millimeters to feet

Meters to feet

Once we know how many millimeters a foot has, we can apply the following formula with the calculator to convert any distance in millimeters to feet:

d(feet) = d(mm) / 304.8

For example, let's convert a length of 476 millimeters to feet by applying the above expression:

d(feet) = d(mm) / 304.8 = 476 millimeters / 304.8 = 1.56 feet.

As you can see, going from millimeters to feet it does not entail much difficulty although it requires us to remember the factor by which we have to divide, something we don't usually know since we are not used to working with a unit of distance such as feet. Luckily, our converter will do all the hard work for you.

Convert mm to feet in Excel

Do you want to make your own mm to feet converter? Then just have Excel installed on your computer and type the following function in a free cell of a spreadsheet:


Note that the formula to convert from mm to ft in Excel se compone de tres argumentos separados por el símbolo del ';' cada uno:

  • The first one refers to the amount of the starting unit (in this case millimeters) that you want to convert to the target unit (feet). This argument can be a number or refer to a cell as we have put it.
  • The second argument tells Excel that the starting unit will be millimeters.
  • The third document confirms that the unit of conversion will be feet.

In the video above, you can see practical examples of how we have made the millimeter to feet converter with Excel.

How to go from feet to millimeters

If you want to know how we make the conversion between both units, you must take into account that 1 foot equals 304.8 millimeters. From here, you can apply the following mathematical formula to convert from feet to millimeters with your personal calculator:

d(millimeters) = d(feet) × 304.8

How many millimeters is a foot?

Feet to mm

As we have seen in the previous point, this is the equivalence of a foot to millimeters:

1 foot = 304.8 millimeters

From this equality, you can work with both units of length by applying a simple rule of three.

What is ft?

It is common for the foot length measurement to be referred to as the 'ft', una abreviatura de feet que significa pies in English.

In Spain we do not usually work with feet as we work with the international system of units that does not include the foot or feet as a unit of length, however, the foot is a unit widely used in other territories.

How to convert from feet to mm in Excel

If you want to create your own feet to mm calculator using Excel, you can use the Microsoft program to convert between these two units of length.

In the video we have recorded we show you several practical examples of how to perform the conversion from feet to millimeters by using the following formula:


You must remember that C3 are the coordinates of the cell in which we have written the amount of feet we want to move to millimeters and that you will have to modify for your spreadsheet in case you use different coordinates.

If you prefer, you can also convert from feet to millimeters by typing the number directly into the formula:


In this last example, you will spend 16 feet to millimeters and you will have to modify the number in the formula every time you want to convert another quantity to mm.

Table of equivalence of feet to mm

Below you will find a table with a wide variety of conversions from feet to millimetersThis way you have a much clearer idea of the equivalence between these two units of length.

You can also take this table and print it out to put it in a place that is always useful to you and where you can't use our unit converter due to the lack of Internet connection.

Feet (ft)Millimeters (mm)
0.01 ft3.05 mm
0.1 ft30.5 mm
1 ft304.8 mm
2 ft609.6 mm
3 ft914.4 mm
4 ft1219.2 mm
5 ft1524.0 mm
6 ft1828.8 mm
7 ft2133.6 mm
8 ft2438.4 mm
9 ft2743.2 mm
10 ft3048.0 mm
20 ft6096.0 mm
30 ft9144.0 mm
40 ft12192.0 mm
50 ft15240.0 mm
60 ft18288.0 mm
70 ft21336.0 mm
80 ft24384.0 mm
90 ft27432.0 mm
100 ft30480.0 mm

Table of equivalence from millimeters to feet

Below is a table of equivalence that includes several of them mm to feet conversions to give you a more global idea of the correspondence between the two units.

Millimeters (mm)Feet (ft)
0.01 mm0.0000328 ft
0.1 mm0.0003281 ft
1 mm0.0032808 ft
2 mm0.0065617 ft
3 mm0.0098425 ft
4 mm0.0131234 ft
5 mm0.0164042 ft
6 mm0.0196850 ft
7 mm0.0229659 ft
8 mm0.0262467 ft
9 mm0.0295276 ft
10 mm0.0328084 ft
20 mm0.0656168 ft
30 mm0.0984252 ft
40 mm0.1312336 ft
50 mm0.1640420 ft
60 mm0.1968504 ft
70 mm0.2296588 ft
80 mm0.2624672 ft
90 mm0.2952756 ft
100 mm0.3280840 ft

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