Conversion from miles to kilometers

Convert from miles to kilometers or the other way around is very easy thanks to our online converter to convert from kilometers to miles and vice versa. Simply select the unit change you are interested in making, enter the length figure in its starting units, press the calculate button and you will automatically get the conversion.

Find out the equivalence between miles and kilometers is very easy thanks to our tool to convert miles to kilometers and vice versa.

How many kilometers is a mile?

If you have ever wondered how many kilometers is a mileYou will find out the answer to your questions below:

1 mile = 1.609344 kilometers

As you can see, a mile is a larger unit than a kilometer, and since we are not used to working with both, we are going to show you how to use both units. how to go from miles to kilometers in multiple ways.

Formula to convert from miles to kilometers

Mile to kilometer converter

Now that we know the equivalence of a mile in kilometers, let's deduce the formula to convert from miles to km with a simple multiplication:

d(Km) = d(miles) x 1,609344

For example, if we want to convert 1oo miles to kilometers, applying the above expression we have that:

d(Km) = d(miles) x 1.609344 = 100 miles x x x 1.609344 = 160.9344 kilometers.

If you do not want to use so many decimals in the operation, taking the first three or four is enough to have a more than acceptable accuracy in the result.

60 miles to km

Let's see how to use the formula to transform miles into Km with another example. In this case, we are going to find out how many kilometers are 60 miles. Again, we will apply the formula seen in the previous point:

d(Km) = d(miles) x 1.609344 = 60 miles x x x 1.609344 = 96.56064 kilometers

As you can see, the change from miles to kilometers does not involve much difficulty and it is only important that we know well the equivalence between both units so that the result is correct.

Convert miles to km in Excel

If we want to save doing multiplications for the conversion, we can convert from miles to km using Excel. Microsoft's program is an excellent unit converter so let's use it for this case.

Just type the following formula in a cell of the spreadsheet:


With this function, the distance in miles that you type in cell C3 will be automatically converted to kilometers. The coordinates of that cell can be modified as you wish, or if you wish, you can also type the distance directly in the formula itself. For example, if you want to convert 60 miles to kilometers in Excel, you should write the function like this:


In the video we have recorded you can see how we use Excel to convert miles to kilometers, but if you have any questions, leave us a comment and we will help you as soon as possible.

Table of miles to kilometers

If our miles to kilometers converter If you have found it useful but you still want to know how many KM are in a mile, here is a table of equivalence between the two units that can help you:


Don't miss a single one conversion between units of length that do not belong to the international metric system, as is the case of the mile.

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