Micrograms to mg

Change from micrograms to milligrams is something that is not done too often, at least for most mortals, because if we look at the scale of the international system of weight units, the microgram is too small a unit and it is difficult to find magnitudes that use it.

Even so, maybe you do work with these units, either because of a math problem or a special calculation, so we have developed for you a micrograms to milligrams converter. We remind you that we also have a tool to perform the reverse operation, that is to say, from milligrams to micrograms.

1 microgram how many milligrams are

As I mentioned before, the microgram belongs to the international system of unitsThe equivalence with respect to the milligram is as follows:

1 μg = 0.001 milligrams

How to go from micrograms to milligrams

Micrograms to milligrams


Now that you know how many micrograms are in a milligramIf you want to convert from mcg to mg, let's see how to convert from mcg to mg with the formula below:

m(mg) = m(μg) / 1000

By example,In this case, we will convert a weight of 323 micrograms to milligrams:

m(mg) = m(μg) / 1000 = 323 micrograms / 1000 = 0.323 milligrams

Now let's take another example. If we have 50 micrograms is equivalent to how many milligrams? We resort again to the previous formula and we have that:

m(mg) = m(μg) / 1000 = 50 mcg / 1000 = 0.05 mg

For the avoidance of doubt, let's convert 1000 mcg to mg:

m(mg) = 1000 / 1000 = 1 mg

The latter result was fully expected since we need 1000 micrograms to make a milligram.

As you can see, the formula does not involve any difficulty since you only have to divide by 1,000, something for which you do not even need a calculator. You simply have to move the decimal point of decimals three positions to the left and that's it. It is an operation that can be solved mentally quite easily if you keep this trick in mind.

Convert micrograms to milligrams in Excel

Micrograms to milligrams in Excel

Using Excel to convert from micrograms to milligrams is also possible. You simply have to type the following function in an empty cell and the conversion will be done automatically:


In this example we have calculated how many micrograms are 1 milligram. Now let's try another example where we are going from 5 mcg to mg:


As you can see, the first argument of the formula which allows us to from micrograms to milligrams in Excel is the weight. Simply change that value to the one you need and you're done.

Microgram symbol

Depending on where you see the weight in micrograms represented, its symbol may be one or the other. Mathematically the nomenclature μg is usually used. but may be expressed on some product packaging as mcg.

In any case, both forms are valid.

Table of equivalence from micrograms to milligrams

Here are some more examples of conversion from micrograms to mgYou can print the table and have it always at hand in case you can't use our online weight unit converter.

Micrograms (μg)Milligrams (mg)
0 μg0 mg
0.1 μg0.0001 mg
1 μg0.001 mg
2 μg0.002 mg
3 μg0.003 mg
4 μg0.004 mg
5 μg0.005 mg
6 μg0.006 mg
7 μg0.007 mg
8 μg0.008 mg
9 μg0.009 mg
10 μg0.010 mg
20 μg0.020 mg
30 μg0.030 mg
40 μg0.040 mg
50 μg0.050 mg
60 μg0.060 mg
70 μg0.070 mg
80 μg0.080 mg
90 μg0.090 mg
100 μg0.100 mg
1,000 μg1 mg

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