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Milligrams are too small a unit and it is difficult for us to use it in household use except for medicines or powdered ingredient measurements. mg to g converter will allow you to convert between these two weight units with ease.

If you want to perform the reverse conversionwe also have for you a calculator for from grams to milligrams.

How to go from milligrams to grams

Milligrams to grams

To go from milligrams to grams we must know that 1 mg = 0.001 g. From the above equivalence we can deduce a simple mathematical formula that allows us to make the conversion for any quantity:

m(g) = m(mg) / 1000

By example,In this case, we are going to convert 30 milligrams to grams using the above expression:

m(g) = m(mg) / 1000 = 30 mg / 1000 = 0,03 grams

As you can see, you only have to divide by one thousand and that is very simple since you only have to move the position of the decimals three places to the left.

Convert milligrams to grams in Excel

Excel is not only a fantastic spreadsheet program, but its functions also include convert milligrams to grams using the following formula in an empty cell:


The function has three input arguments. The first is the numerical weight, the second is the starting unit and the third is the unit to which we want to convert. For example, we will pass 1 mg to g so that there is no doubt.


After accepting the function, we will see that Excel returns the conversion and tells us 1 mg is 0.001 grams.

Table of equivalence of mg to g

Prints the table of equivalences of milligrams to grams and you will have a quick reference of conversions in a wide variety of ranges, especially useful in situations where you do not have an Internet connection to use our calculator.

Milligrams (mg)Grams (g)
0 mg0 g
0.1 mg0,0001 g
1 mg0,001 g
2 mg0,002 g
3 mg0,003 g
4 mg0,004 g
5 mg0,005 g
6 mg0,006 g
7 mg0,007 g
8 mg0,008 g
9 mg0,009 g
10 mg0,010 g
20 mg0,020 g
30 mg0,030 g
40 mg0,040 g
50 mg0,050 g
60 mg0,060 g
70 mg0,070 g
80 mg0,080 g
90 mg0,090 g
100 mg0,100 g
1000 mg1 g

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  1. Thank you very much for the info, I was looking for the formula to go from milligrams to grams and here I have found it, and I'll take the equivalence table as a gift :)


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