Meters to inches

Convert meters to inches es facilísimo con nuestro conversor online. Simplemente tienes que seleccionar la conversión "metros a pulgadas" introducir la distancia que quieres transformar y presionar el botón de calcular para conocer, de forma instantánea, su equivalencia en pulgadas.

How many inches is a meter? And a centimeter?

As we are not used to working with inches, we do not know exactly its equivalence in meters. To clarify your doubts, this is the equivalence between inches and meters:

1 meter = 39.3701 inches

But, how many inches is one centimeter? Let's find out:

1 centimeter = 0.393700787 inches

Formula to convert meters to inches

Meters to inches

If we want to change from meters to inches manually, we have to perform the following operation mathematics:

d(″) = d(m) / 0.0254

For example, we will pass 0.2 meters to inches manually from the above formula:

d(″) = 0.2m / 0.0254 = 7.874 in.

It couldn't be simpler and easier to apply in any application. normal calculator (remember, your phone has one included as standard).

Another option for changing units is apply a rule of three. We have already seen that:

1 meter = 39.3701 inches

Therefore, it is easy to make a rule of three from the previous equality.

If you want to learn how to from inches to metersIf you want to convert your data, we have another tool in the link we have just left you. There you will find all the necessary details to perform this conversion.

Meters to inches converter in Excel

Excel can become the best meter to inch converter that exists, especially because once you have set up a spreadsheet, you can use it as many times as you want and without the need to connect to the Internet.

For convert meters to inches using the Microsoft program you simply have to type the following formula into a free cell:


With this simple formula, we are telling Excel that the number of meters we type in cell C3 is automatically converted to inches. Of course, we can modify the coordinates of that cell to adapt them to our spreadsheet or we can even type directly there the amount of meters to convert to inches.

For example, imagine you want to know the number of inches in 100 feet. In this case, we can directly write the formula as follows:


In this way, we will achieve a conversion from meters to inches Although we like the first example better because it facilitates the calculation of the equivalence if we are going to use it repeatedly as we have done in the video above these lines.

In any case, it is interesting for you to know that Excel can convert meters to inches automatically.

Table of equivalence of meters to inches

If what you want is something more orientative or a table to serve as a reference, below you have the most typical values in meters and its corresponding equivalence in inches.

Meters (m)Inches (")
0.01 m0.39 ″
0.1 m3.94 ″
1 m39.37 ″
2 m78.74 ″
3 m118.11 ″
4 m157.48 ″
5 m196.85 ″
6 m236.22 ″
7 m275.59 ″
8 m314.96 ″
9 m354.33 ″
10 m393.70 ″
20 m787.40 ″
30 m1181.10 ″
40 m1578.40 ″
50 m1968.50 ″
60 m2362.20 ″
70 m2755.91 ″
80 m3149.61 ″
90 m3543.31 ″
100 m3937.01 ″

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