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Calculate the equivalence of centimeters to meters with our length unit converter. Just enter the number of cm you want to convert to meters and press the calculate button to get the result.

If you want to perform the reverse conversion, we also have at your disposal a centimeter to meter converter that will do the opposite operation.

How many centimeters is a meter?

Before learning how to go from meters to centimeters, it is important to know that 1 meter = 100 centimeters. It is one of the first conversions we learn at school when we start to become familiar with the international system of units but it never hurts to refresh our memory.

How to convert from m to cm: formula

Meters to centimeters

Based on the theory we have seen in the previous point, we can deduce a formula mathematics that allows us to make the conversion from meters to centimeters with a very simple multiplication:

d(cm) = d(m) x 100

For example, if we want to spend 1.07 meters to centimeters:

d(cm) = d(m) x 100 = 1.07 cm x 100 = 107 centimeters

As you can see, when multiplying by powers of 10 we only have to move the decimal point to the right, as many positions as we have zeros. In the case of the conversion from meters to centimetersIf the decimal point of the decimals is not the same, we have to multiply by 100, so the decimal point has to be moved two positions to the right.

Convert from m to cm in Excel

With Excel you can create your own m to cm converter. The Microsoft program comes with a function that allows us to convert different units automatically and going from meters to centimeters is one of its possibilities.

You simply have to open a new Excel spreadsheet and copy the following formula that will allow you to go from m to cm:


In this case, we are telling Excel to automatically convert the number of meters we type in cell C3 to centimeters. Of course, you can change the coordinates of that cell to adapt them to the ones you want.

If you prefer, you can also type directly the number of meters you want to convert to centimeters. Imagine that you want to convert 0.2 meters to centimeters, in this case you would have to adapt the above formula as follows:


This will automatically change the units for that specific length.

Anyway, all this is shown in the video that you have at the beginning of this section and that teaches you to convert m to cm with Excel.

Table of equivalence from m to cm

Here you have a table with some conversions of meters to centimeterss so that you have a clearer understanding of the equivalence between these two units of length so frequent in our daily life.

Meters (m)Centimeters (cm)

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