Shoe size converter for men

Buying a new pair of shoes always brings up the problem of sizing. Even if we know what our usual shoe size is, there are always discrepancies between manufacturers or territories so to put an end to your doubts, we have developed a men's shoe size converter.

With this tool you will be able to know immediately the equivalence of men's shoes and slippers in centimeters or territories such as Spain, United Kingdom, America or Italy.

How to calculate your shoe or sneaker size

Men's shoe size converter

In addition to using the above tool, the Sarenza website (an online store dedicated to the sale of footwear online), offers us a pedimeter in PDF so that we can print the template at home and calculate the shoe size manually and accurately.

It is important to print the template as it comes to avoid resizing it and altering the results, which will give us an erroneous reading of the men's shoe size we need.

Once you have printed the pedometer, you can use it for measure your foot.

If you cannot print the pedimeter, you can also follow this alternative method:

Measure your foot

To do so, you must place a sheet of paper against the wall and then place your foot on top of it, making sure that your heel is firmly against the wall.

When you have it in place, make a mark with a pencil or pen on the sheet of paper and measure the distance in centimeters from the top of the sheet to the sign you have just drawn.

Locate your foot number

To this end, enter the centimeters of your foot in our tool or check out the men's shoe size equivalence chart below.

It is important that in case your foot size is between several sizes, you should always take the top one to ensure that the shoe is loose and not too small, since in that case, your toe would be bumping against the edge of the shoe, causing you to be uncomfortable and possible injuries.

Men's shoe size equivalence

Here is one of them equivalence table for men's shoe sizes so that you can have a more global vision of the correspondence in centimeters or in territories such as Spain, America and other countries of the European Union.

cmSpainUnited Kingdom (UK)United States (US)Italy (IT)

Note that this table is universal but does not mean that all manufacturers follow it to the letter. Occasionally, each manufacturer has small differences in sizing of their shoes that causes us to order a size more or less than usual because it is too small or too large, respectively.

Buy men's shoes online and cheap

If you want to buy men's shoes online and save money without renouncing to the best brands, be sure to visit the section of Amazon shoe deals to get your hands on some real bargains.

You will find shoes of all kinds: boots, sneakers, lace-up shoes, moccasins, sports shoes and much more.

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