Men's shirt and T-shirt sizes

More and more people are buying clothes online, so it is essential that calculate your clothing size very well for shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts and other tops.

Here is a utility with which you will be able to calculate your size for men's shirts and t-shirts from your chest circumference in centimeters or if you prefer, you can calculate the correspondence between sizes to know which size to choose if you use the European sizing system or by letters.

How to measure yourself to calculate shirt or top sizes

Men's shirt and t-shirt size converter

The most universal measure there is is that of our chest size so let's use it to calculate our top size.

To this end, Take a tape measure and run it across the widest part of your chest.The contour should be parallel to the ground and pass just under the lower part of the arms (at armpit level).

If you have someone who can help you take your measurement, all the better to make sure that the centimeter reading is correct. If you don't have anyone, stand in front of a mirror and check that the tape has been properly The fabric fits snugly to your body and goes over the right area of your chest and back.

Once you know the chest circumference in centimetersIf you are looking for a men's shirt size, look for the range in our men's shirt size converter or use the table at the end of the post.

The best men's clothing, at the best price

As I mentioned before, buying clothes online is an increasingly convenient option, and in addition, in the men's fashion section of Amazon you will be able to find authentic bargains on shirts, t-shirts and other accessories fashion for men, without renouncing to the best brands.

It also has a very good thing and that is that if you don't like it or it doesn't fit you well, you can return your clothes completely free of charge. This way you can say goodbye to the long queues in the usual stores and buy it much cheaper.

Equivalence of men's shirt sizes

Below you will find a men's shirt size guide and other tops (sweaters, t-shirts, polo shirts, etc.) which summarizes the conversions used by our tool but grouped in this way so that you have a more global view of the equivalences.

If for your size you are between two sizes, you can try either one of them to see which one fits you best. Keep in mind that although the sizing system is universal, each manufacturer applies slight variations that can make us between one size or another.

Chest circumference (cm)SizeEuropean size

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