Do you want to learn how to calculate the area of the rhomboidits perimeter or to know its characteristics? You are in the right place.

Below you will find an online calculator to obtain the area of the rhomboid automatically and without operations. Just enter the value of its height and the value of the base to obtain the data.

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Circular sector

Circular sector calculator

Do you want to calculate the area of a circular sector? Use our online calculator and you will get the area of the sector automatically as well as its arc length and perimeter.

All you need is to know the radius of the circle (r) and the number of degrees (α) that the circular sector occupies. When you have it, press the calculate button and you will get the result immediately.

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Calculate diameter

Calculate circumference diameter

Calculate the diameter of the circumference is very simple although there are several possibilities to do it.

Thanks to our calculator you will be able to find the diameter of the circle from its radius or from its perimeter or length.

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How to calculate the perimeter of a triangle

Perimeter of a triangle

To properly calculate the perimeter of a triangle we need to know what type of triangle we have since, according to their classification, they can be:

  • Equilateral triangle: all its sides are equal and, therefore, its angles are also equal.
  • Isosceles triangletwo of its sides are equal while the third is different.
  • Scalene triangleall its sides are different.

Depending on the case we have, calculate the perimeter of a triangle will be done in one way or another:

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