Multiplying 2×2 matrix

Multiplying 2x2 matrix

Multiplicar matrices 2x2 can be a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone task. Therefore, we have prepared for you a calculator capable of solving this operation instantly and for that, you just have to fill in the values of the 2x2 matrix you want to multiply.

With this tool you will also be able to calcular el cuadrado de una matriz 2x2. In this case, the values of the elements must match each other. When you have it ready, click the calculate button and you will know how the matrix have been multiplied step by step and the final result. 

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Transposed Matrix

Transposed matrix

The transposed matrix calculator online is a tool that allows you to exchange rows for columns of a matrix automatically. Just select the size of the matrix from the available sizes and click the Calculate button to get the transpose of that matrix.

If you want to know everything about the transposed matrixRead on and we will tell you all about this type of matrix used in the world of mathematics, physics and other disciplines.

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Inverse 2×2 matrix online

Inverse matrix 2x2

Do you need calcular la matriz inversa 2x2 online to save time? Use our calculator and you will be able to get the inverse matrix automatically in a matter of seconds, step by step.

To do this, you must write down each of the elements that make up the matriz inversa 2x2 y pulsar el botón de calcular cuando lo hayas hecho. Tras eso, conocerás el resultado y los pasos previos que conlleva a este cálculo como son el determinante 2x2 y la matriz adjunta.

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Inverse 3×3 matrix online

Calculate 3x3 inverse matrix

Calcula la matriz inversa 3x3 online step by step with our calculator that will allow you to find the inverse of a matrix instantly.

Sólo tienes que rellenar correctamente todos los valores que componen la matriz 3x3 y pulsar sobre el botón de calcular para obtener el resultado paso a paso  cómo se ha calculado su matriz inversa a partir de la fórmula que veremos más adelante. Descubre cómo se calcula la inversa de una matriz 3x3.

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Inverse matrix 4×4 online

Inverse matrix 4x4

Do you want to calculate the inverse matrix online? Then you are in the right place.

Below you will find a calculator that will allow you to save you a lot of time when it comes to calcular una matriz inversa 4x4 pero además, te enseñamos cómo se hace el cálculo manualmente a través del determinante 4x4 y la matriz transpuesta de la adjunta.

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3x3 matrix multiplication calculation

Multiplying 3x3 matrices

Use our calculadora para multiplicar matrices 3x3 online and saves time in this operation which, although is simple to perform, can play a trick on us if we do it quickly.

If you like, you can also use the calculator to make multiplicaciones de matrices 3x1 o 3x2. You only have to leave the data in the corresponding column empty and that's it.

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Determinant of 2×2 matrix online

Determinant of 2x2 matrix

If you want to calcular el determinante de una matriz 2x2 onlinethen you are in the right place. Here you will find a calculator that will allow you to know the value of the determinant, but we also show you how to calculate it manually, in Excel or using the scientific calculator.

You choose how sacar el determinante de una matriz 2x2.

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Determinant of 3×3 matrix online

Determinant of 3x3 matrix

Calcular el determinante de una matriz 3x3 online is possible with our calculator. Just fill in the elements that make up the determinant and click on the calculate button to see the result, including the step-by-step method of solving the attached determinants.

We will also teach you how to resolver determinantes de 3x3 by the Sarrus method or using Excel. Read on and you will find all this information and much more.

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Determinant of 4×4 matrix online

4x4 matrix determinant

Resuelve el determinante de una matriz 4x4 online with our calculator and learn how it is calculated using one of the following methods.

If you want to calcular online el determinante de una matriz 4x4Just fill in the values in our calculator and press the calculate button to get the result you are looking for:

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