Equivalent fractions

Equivalent Fractions Calculator

Do you need calculating equivalent fractions? Use our calculator and find out if they are.

You just need to enter how much the numerator and denominator of each fraction are worth and press the calculate button to find out if they are equivalent or not.

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Decimal to fraction

Decimal to fraction

Convert any decimal number into a fraction is a simple operation but thanks to our online calculator, you will be able to do it automatically by just entering the number in decimal format and pressing the calculate button.

In return, you will know the greatest common divisor to arrive at the irreducible fraction equivalent to the decimal number you have written. Undoubtedly, a very useful tool for mathematical problems in which we sometimes have to convert a number into a fraction to get a common factor or to facilitate calculations. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that we also have a calculator available that will allow you to change from fraction to decimal in the same way.

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Percentage to fraction

Percentage to fraction

Change from percentage to fraction is very easy with our online calculator. You simply enter the percentage you want to convert to a fraction and after pressing the calculate button, you will automatically you will obtain the irreducible fraction of that value.

The only thing you must take into account is that for percentages with decimals you must use the period symbol as a separator (.) instead of the usual comma (,). That is, if you want to convert 14.52% to a fraction, you must type 14.52 in the calculator to obtain the appropriate result.

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Fraction to percentage

Change from fraction to percentage

Convert a fraction to a percentage is quite common but depending on the numerator and denominator, mental calculations can fail us. We all know that 1/2 equals 50% but what if we want to convert the fraction 5/17 to a percentage?

No problem. Our fraction to percentage converter will help you in these cases. You only have to enter the numerator value, the denominator value and press the calculate button to obtain the percentage value. If you want to go from percentage to fractionYou can do it by clicking on the link we have just left you.

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Fraction to decimal

Fraction to decimal

A fraction is nothing more than a division, such that one number is divided by another. Fractions are composed of numerator, denominator and a line that separates both numerical quantities, so that for convert a fraction to decimal format, simply divide the numerator by the denominator.

Our calculator for fraction to decimal will allow you to convert any fraction into a decimal number. You just have to enter the numerator and denominator values and click on the calculate button. If you wish, we also have at your disposal a calculator that will enable you to change from decimal to fraction in a similar way.

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Dividing fractions online

Dividing fractions calculator

Divide fractions online in the simplest way possible with our mathematical calculator. Its operation is very simple since you only have to write the two fractions you want to divide, each one in its corresponding text field and following the 2/3 format to indicate how much the numerator and denominator are worth.

When you have written the two fractions, press the calculate button and you will obtain the division between both fractions.

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Multiply fractions online

Fraction Multiplication Calculator

Multiplying fractions is very simple. To achieve this, we simply need to know that the numerator of the resulting fraction is the multiplication of the numerators and the same for the denominator.

If you want to avoid the previous operation, our fraction multiplication calculator allows you to perform the relevant calculations automatically and obtain the result in irreducible fraction format. Simply enter a fraction in each field, press the calculate button and you are done.

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Subtraction of fractions

Subtraction of fractions calculator

Do you need subtract fractions? With our online calculator you can do this operation automatically by entering the value of a fraction. To do this, you simply use the "/" symbol to specify the value of the numerator and denominator. For example, a half is written as 1/2.

Each field also supports the possibility of working with mixed fractionsthat is, fractions with whole numbers. For example, you can write an operation like 2 2/3 - 4 5/3, which would be something like the following (2+2/3)-(4+5/3).

In both cases, you will obtain the subtraction of two fractions in irreducible format to solve any mathematical problem.

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Fraction calculator

Fraction calculator

On this page you will find a fraction calculator that will allow you to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Its operation is very simple. You only have to enter the numerator and denominator values of both fractions in the boxes that appear in the tool, select the type of operation you want to perform and press the calculate button. You will automatically get the result you are looking for, even in the case of irreducible format.

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Irreducible fraction calculator

Irreducible fraction calculator

Do you want to calculate an irreducible fraction? With our online calculator you will be able to get it in the easiest way possible and without manual calculations. Simply enter the value of the numerator, denominator and press the calculate button.

You will automatically obtain not only the irreducible fraction, but you will also be able to see different representations of its value.

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Sum of fractions calculator

Fraction addition calculator

With our fraction addition calculator you will be able to apply this simple operation automatically and without mistakes. Its algorithm will give you the result of a sum of simple or mixed fractions.

For example:

  • Simple fraction: 1/2 + 1/2 = 1
  • Mixed fraction1 1/2 + 1 1/2 = 3 (Note that in this case, we are adding 1 and 1/2 twice).

Finally, click on the button represented by the equal sign or on the calculate button and you will get the result for add the two fractions together you have entered.

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