Sample size calculator

Do you need calculate the sample size? Use our online calculator and you will be able to get the right sample size for the population you want to investigate.

To use the sample size calculator you only need to fill in four essential pieces of information: the size of the population, the percentage of deviation, the maximum percentage of error that you allow and the confidence level. If you don't know what these parameters are, read on to get a good understanding of how to calculate a sample size.

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Permutation calculator

When we talk about permutations we are taking into account the order of the elements of the set, that is, it is an ordered combination. It is important not to confuse permutations with combinations, since in the latter the order does not matter.

To make it easier for you to calculate permutations online we have created a calculator that takes into account whether the permutation is with repetition or without repetition. If you have doubts about which one to use in each case, read on.

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Standard deviation

Do you need calculate the standard deviation de un conjunto de datos? Con nuestra calculadora puedes obtener la desviación estándar con sólo escribir cada cifra, separadas por un espacio o por una coma. Si vas a introducir números decimales, usa el punto '.' como separador decimal.

When you have typed in all the numbers, click the calculate button and you will automatically get the deviation value as well as other statistical measures such as variance or mean.

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Calculate variance

If you need calculate the variance of a data setour online calculator allows you to obtain the result immediately.

All you have to do is write each number separated by spaces or by a comma. If you are going to enter a decimal number, you will have to use the point as decimal separator (example: 3.14).

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Arithmetic mean Calculator

Calculate average

Do you need calculate the average of several numbers? Use our online arithmetic mean tool.

You only have to write the numbers separated by a space or comma and click the calculate button to obtain the online average. If you are going to enter decimal figures, type a . as decimal separator (2.82, for example).

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Probability of something happening

Probability calculator

Calculating the probability of an event is very simple if we know the number of favorable outcomes and the number of possible outcomes of the event.

  • Number of favorable resultsThe number of times the event can occur. For example, on a six-sided die we have three favorable outcomes of getting an even number.
  • Number of possible outcomesHere we write the number of possible outcomes that the event has. Continuing with the example of the die, we have a total of six possible outcomes.

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