m3 to liters

Do you need from cubic meters to liters and you don't remember the correspondence between these two units? With our m a liters you will be able to solve all your doubts in a matter of seconds.

You only need to enter the amount of cubic meters you want to convert to liters and press the calculate button to get the result. If what you need is to make the inverse conversion, we also have a converter to convert from liters to cubic meters.

How to convert from cubic meters to liters

m3 to liters

To transform liters to cubic meters it is important for us to know that:

1 m = 1,000 liters

That is to say, one cubic meter holds 1,000 liters of water or any other liquid.

With this clear, we can calculate any equivalence with ease using the following formula mathematics:

V(liters) = V(m) × 1.000

By example,In this case, we are going to convert a quantity of 0.52 cubic meters to liters by applying the above expression:

V(liters) = V(m3) × 1.000 = 0,52 m3 x 1,000 = 520 liters.

This type of conversion is really useful for to know the capacity in liters of a container which can be anything from a glass to a swimming pool. We simply need to know the volume in cubic meters and from it, we can easily calculate the amount of liters that fit inside.

1 cubic meter is how many liters?

As we have seen in the previous point, 1 cubic meter equals 1,000 liters.

A trick to remember this equivalence consists of add as many zeros as the number in the index indicates of the unit. That is, m3 has a three, therefore, if we want to convert one cubic meter to liters, we simply add three zeros and obtain 1,000 liters.

For example, how much is 5 m3 to liters? Very easy, add the three zeros at the end and we get 5,000 l.

In the end, what we are really doing with this is applying the formula we have seen in the theory point, i.e., we are multiplying by 1,000 to go from m3 to liters.

M3 to liters in Excel

Did you know that you can use Excel as a unit converter? We are going to put it into practice by creating our own tool for from m3 to liters using the spreadsheet program.

Simply create a new sheet of paper and in an empty cell type this formula to convert from m3 to liters:


Dónde hemos escribo "capacidad" tienes que sustituir esa palabra y poner la number of cubic meters you want to convert to liters. You can also type the coordinates of a cell in which you have typed the number.

For example, if you want to convert 10 cubic meters to litersthe formula will be written like this:


Anyway we have left you a video in which we make the change of units step by step but if you still have doubts, leave us a comment and we will help you as soon as possible.

Table of equivalence of mto liters

Below you will find a table to convert from cubic meters to liters with ease, covering some of the main conversions of these two volume units so common in our daily lives:

Cubic meters (m3)Liters

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