Liters to milliliters

Convert liters to milliliters is something common in our daily life. Both the liter and the milliliter are very present in our daily life and it may be necessary to convert between these two units of volume.

To convert liters to milliliters just use our tool. Type the amount of ml you want to convert to liters and press the calculate button to obtain the equivalence automatically and without calculations.

How many milliliters make a liter?

Liters to milliliters

To find out how many milliliters make a literwe should know that:

1,000 milliliters = 1 liter

Keep in mind that the milliliter is a unit whose name already gives us clues to the previous equivalence and is that the milliliter is a unit whose name already gives us clues to the previous equivalence. from liter to millilitersThe first thing we can do is to divide it into 1,000 smaller parts.

In the international system of units, we find the liter, deciliter, centiliter and milliliter. Therefore, we see that for from liters to milliliters you have to go through three lower levels, i.e., you have to multiply by 1,000, although we explain this with examples in the next point.

How to change from liters to milliliters

If you want to learn how to make this conversion from liters to milliliters manually, we show you how to do it. First of all, we have to be very clear that:

1 liter = 1.000 milliliters

From this we can deduce a mathematical formula that allows us to transform any amount of liquid with a simple operation:

m(ml) = m(l) × 1.000

This means that in order to convert liters to milliliters, you simply have to multiply by a thousand. As you probably already know, multiplications by powers of 10 are very easy to do even mentally since we only have to move the decimal point as many positions to the right as we have zeros.

In this case, the number 1,000 has three zeros so we would have to move the decimal point three positions to the right. Let's see it better with a example, in which we will convert 2.52 liters to milliliters.

m(ml) = m(l) × 1,000 = 2.52 liters × 1,000 = 2520 milliliters

Pretty easy, isn't it?

How to convert from liters to milliliters in Excel

If you want to make your own liter to milliliter converter in Excelyou can do this by placing the following formula in a cell:


With this function, we make Excel pass from liters to milliliters the amount that we write in cell C3, coordinates that we can modify at will to adapt it to our spreadsheet.

You can also write in the formula the amount of liters you want to convert to milliliters. For example, if you want to convert 2 liters to millilitersyou can put the function like this:


Both forms are fully valid for convert L to ml using Excel as a unit converter.

In the video above we show you several examples of how to do it, but if you still have doubts, leave us a comment and we will help you as soon as possible.

Table of liters to milliliters

For a quick reference to more conversions from liters to millilitersThe table below shows multiple equivalences between both units so that if you wish, you can print it or use it in your math problems.

Liters (l)Milliliters (ml)
0 l0 ml
0.1 l100 ml
1 l1,000 ml
2 l2,000 ml
3 l3,000 ml
4 l4,000 ml
5 l5,000 ml
6 l6,000 ml
7 l7,000 ml
8 l8,000 ml
9 l9,000 ml
10 l10,000 ml
20 l20,000 ml
30 l30,000 ml
40 l40,000 ml
50 l50,000 ml
60 l60,000 ml
70 l70,000 ml
80 l80,000 ml
90 l90,000 ml
100 l100,000 ml
1000 l1,000,000 ml

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