Liters to m3

Convert liters to cubic meters without operations with our online converter of these two volume units. Its operation is very simple and you only have to write the amount of liters you want to convert to m3 and then click on the calculate button to obtain the result.

In case you want to perform the reverse conversion, we also have a similar tool, but it will allow you to perform the change of cubic meters to liters.

Formula to convert from liters to m3

To go from liters to cubic meters, we must know that:

1 liter = 0.001 m3

Taking this equivalence into account, we can easily deduce a formula mathematics that allows us to convert any number of liters into cubic meters:

V(m3) = V(liters ) / 1.000

Like example, practical, let's convert 547 liters to cubic meters using the expression we have just seen:

V(m3) = V(liters ) / 1,000 = 547 liters /1,000 = 0.547 m3

10 liters at m3

Liters to m3

Let's see another example of how to convert liters to cubic meters. In this case, we will spend 10 liters applying exactly the same formula as before:

V(m3) = V(liters ) / 1,000 = 10 liters /1,000 = 0.01 m3

As you can see, divide by one thousand means that you have to move the decimal point three positions to the left. With this simple rule, you can change the units yourself mentally and in a matter of seconds, but if you prefer, you can use our online converter as many times as you want, it never gets tired.

Liters to cubic meters in Excel

Liters to cubic meters in Excel

In case you don't have our liter to m3 converter and you don't remember the formula to make the change of units, we offer you another alternative to calculate the equivalence.

The only requirement is that you have Excel installed on your computer. If you have it, open a new spreadsheet and type in the cell you want the following function:


With that formula, the number of liters you type in cell C2 will be converted to cubic meters automatically. Of course, you can change the cell coordinates to whatever you want or, if you prefer, you can also type directly the liters to be converted to m3.

For example, if you want to spend 3500 liters to m3the formula will be as follows:


Table of equivalence of liters to m3

Finally, here is a table with a few more changes from liters to cubic meters so you can print it out and use it anywhere.

LitersCubic meters (m3)

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