Liters to cm3

From liters to cm3 with our online converter. Just type the amount of liters you want to change units and click the calculate button to get the result in cubic centimeters.

If you want to make the opposite conversion, we also have in our web site a tool for passing cm3 to liters.

How to convert from liters to cm3

Liters to cm3

If you want to know how many liters are a cubic centimeteryou must be clear that:

1 liter = 1,000 cm3 = 1,000 milliliters

You can learn that a cubic centimeter is the same as a milliliter and since we are more used to working in that unit, you will always remember how this conversion is applied.

From this clarification, we can deduce that in order to go from liters to cm3 it will be necessary to use the same mechanism as for converting liters to mlThe following mathematical formula summarizes it:

V(cm3) = V(liters) x 1.000

By example,In this case, we are going to convert a quantity of 8 liters into cubic centimeters by applying the previous expression:

V(cm3) = V(liters) x 1,000 = 8 liters x 1,000 = 8,000 cm3

0.5 liters to cm3

To better clarify how the change of units is performed, let's see another example by transforming half liter (0.5 l) to cm3 in the same way as in the previous case:

V(cm3) = V(liters) x 1,000 = 0.5 liters x 1,000 = 500 cm3

As you can see, the operation is very easy and multiply by 1,000 only involves moving the decimal point three positions to the right.

Convert liters to cm3 in Excel

If you have Excel installed on your computer or mobile device, you can also use it for from liters to cm3. There is a formula that does the conversion automatically, without the need to perform operations.

Just open a new spreadsheet and type in an empty cell the following expression:


Where we have put a number you will have to write the amount of liters you want to convert to cubic centimeters.

How many cm3 are one liter?

For example, we will pass 1 liter at cm3 using the above function to check that the formula we have seen in the theory point is fulfilled. Then we go to Excel and write the above expression adapted to our example:


After pressing the ENTER key Excel will do the conversion and return that 1 liter is equal to 1.000 cm3.

Table equivalence of liters to cm3

Below you have more examples of everything we have seen but compiled in one equivalence table so that you can print it and have the conversion from liters to cm.3 always at hand.

LitersCubic centimeters (cm3)

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