Leasing calculator

The leasing calculator allows you to know the costs generated by the interest on the rental of a house, car, machinery or any other object taking into account values such as the value to be financed, residual value (expectation of the sale price), time of the financing, etc.

What is leasing?

Leasing Calculator

Leasing is a contract whereby a lessee obtains the right to use a tangible good in exchange for the payment of an agreed amount of money during agreed time intervals.

When the term of the contract expires, the lessee will have the option to purchase the property The leasing contract can be renewed or revoked (we will no longer use the asset).

Leasing is currently being used as a formula for to be able to enjoy multiple goods materials, be it a car, a house, professional machinery, etc.

Differences between leasing and renting

Although they are often confused terms, there are differences between leasing and renting. Let's see what they are:


  • Leasing is often used as a disguised form of financing. to purchase a product.
  • In leasingat the end of the contract we will have to return that product or renew the contract, but we will not be entitled to the purchase option. However, we can always reach an agreement with the owner and provide the market value of the property at that time.


  • In leasing, we will be responsible for any breakdown or expense. derived from the use of the material we have contracted.
  • The lease includes maintenance, insurance and all expenses. involving the use of the material.


  • Leasing contracts usually have a minimum term of 2 years.
  • Leasing does not have a minimum duration, so it is ideal for short-term operations or operations that will last for a short period of time.

Tax effects

  • At the fiscal level, leasing can be recorded as an expense so you can deduct it on the IRPF. Since the property does not belong to us, we will not own it.
  • Leasing makes the car or the good we have contracted appear on our balance sheet as a fixed asset, which for tax purposes is considered a debt.

In short, when choosing between leasing or rentingIf you are not sure, you should take into account all of the above points to see which one is best for you in your particular case.

Leasing calculator, how it works

The leasing simulator at the top of this website allows you to calculate:

  • The leasing installment
  • The total payment you will make if you buy the property
  • The money you will pay as interest on the rent for the number of months of the lease.

To obtain all this data, you only have to fill in some figures in the leasing calculator such as the amount we are going to borrow, the expected residual value of the material once the contract ends, the interest rate we are going to be charged and the duration in months of the contract.

When you have it, click on the calculate button and you will get the leasing calculation immediately.

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